The Progress and Evolution of Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms are continuously evolving, taking on practices that extend far beyond basic executive search. Now, innovative new firms such as Cluen are working with top recruitment groups by providing them with types of software that take a more dynamic approach to recruitment. […]

SC&C Media Update: Podcast Launch

Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, has created a new Podcast series, Workplace Strategies. Fred interviews senior leaders from nearly every field and industry to provide you with solutions and ideas about best practices to make your numbers, grow your business, and build strong […]

Optimizing Teamwork in the Workplace

Teamwork is naturally, and quite rightly, touted as among the most important attributes of high-performance departments and organizational efforts. Done correctly, effective teamwork can become a spearhead for entire industries, driving their way toward new innovative breakthroughs.


All […]

Professional Women Share Their Thoughts on Workplace Equality Issues

Despite many strides, workplace inequality is still a major issue impacting today’s career-women. Many female professionals have had to face obstacles that men simply haven’t. Women are forced to handle unconscious bias, slights that can result in a loss of a well-deserved promotion, the frustration […]

Stress-Free Ways of Taking on a New Project at Work

The Origin of Stress

Stress is a state which developed during our early evolution to keep us alive.  When a situation presents a potential threat to our survival, we express the hormone cortisol (made in the adrenal cortex) which helps raise our blood sugar levels partly by […]

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