A Small Business Owner’s Guide to FMLA Laws

As most small business owners already know, legal compliance is immensely important. Yet, simply understanding its importance is not always equivocal to proper implementation. In this article, we will discuss one very important component for legal compliance: FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act. […]

SC&C Media Update: Podcast Launch

Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, has created a new Podcast series, Workplace Strategies. Fred interviews senior leaders from nearly every field and industry to provide you with solutions and ideas about best practices to make your numbers, grow your business, and build strong […]

Optimizing Teamwork in the Workplace

Teamwork is naturally, and quite rightly, touted as among the most important attributes of high-performance departments and organizational efforts. Done correctly, effective teamwork can become a spearhead for entire industries, driving their way toward new innovative breakthroughs.


All […]

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