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136 – $550 BILLION Loss? Five Generations and the Workplace Communication Gap

Podcast Overview

Our series on generations in the workplace continues with a new perspective…

In the United States, there are five Podcast 136generations under the same roof who aren’t communicating at top capacity, and the bottom-line erosion is growing! […]

The New Collaboration: Engaging Five Generations to Work Together

Today’s workplace is unlike any other time in history.  There are five generations competing and collaborating to produce continually innovating products and services.

generations graphic Info in graphic is generalized for broad educative purposes only (2019)

  • Traditionalists – born […]

222- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn: Inside Secrets for Recruiters

Podcast Overview:

In what circumstance do AI sourcing tools benefit recruiters? Out of those available, which AI tools are most effective for recruiting? How can these tools be implemented alongside ATS and/or LinkedIn Recruiting services?

Podcast 222 - AI graphic

Fred […]

130 – Multi or Intergenerational? The Key to Successfully Maintaining Several Age Groups in One Work Setting – Part 1

Podcast Overview:

We all know the inherent adage, “united, we stand; divided, we fall“. Success is best achieved with a shared Podcast 130objective. Yet, at a time when several vastly differing generations are conjoining under one central workforce, […]

128 – Employers Ensuring an Age & Disability-Friendly Workplace

Podcast Overview:

How can a age-friendly culture be established within an organization?  Is disability in the workplace is regardedPodcast 128 differently between the generations? What is the current landscape for workers with disabilities in the U.S.? Nancy Geenen, […]

LinkedIn Users: What *Not* to Include in Your Profile Page

Although Facebook may be great for socializing and catching up with friends, LinkedIn is the current go-to source for promoting one’s professional accomplishments and establishing important business connections. It is also a way for recruiters to locate potential employees, while also offering hopeful job […]

Beyond Your Profile Page: Why Execs Must Remain Active On LinkedIn

For close to two decades now, you’ve surely been hearing how important it is to have and maintain a LinkedIn profile.  There are a multitude of reasons to keep your LinkedIn profile, not only in existence, but as a functional online force.  Its value spans way […]

129 – Ageism in the Workplace: Signs and Strategies

Podcast Overview:

Ageism is a pressing, yet often overlooked, issue in today’s workplace. What are the signs of ageism, and how can it Podcast 129 - Hourglassimpact your profit and business? What are a few strategies to identify […]

How to Promote, Accommodate and Implement Different Age Groups in Your Workplace for Optimal Performance

In today’s working environment, the popular issue of discussion is often sexual harassment. Although sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue that should be addressed, there are also other issues in the work environment that many might be blind to.

A lot […]

127 – Real Business Leaders Share Experiences on Multi-Generational Management

Podcast Overview:

Podcast 127 - Multi GenerationFour generations under one roof — with different working styles — can lead to a clash of expectations, impact goal setting, slow goal achievement, and increase turnover or retention rates. Fred Coon, […]

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