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How to Promote, Accommodate and Implement Different Age Groups in Your Workplace for Optimal Performance

In today’s working environment, the popular issue of discussion is often sexual harassment. Although sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue that should be addressed, there are also other issues in the work environment that many might be blind to.

A lot […]

127 – Real Business Leaders Share Experiences on Multi-Generational Management

Podcast Overview:

Podcast 127 - Multi GenerationFour generations under one roof — with different working styles — can lead to a clash of expectations, impact goal setting, slow goal achievement, and increase turnover or retention rates. Fred Coon, […]

221 – SPECIAL PODCAST: National Career Experts Discuss Value Proposition – Jobs, Money, Negotiations (& more)

Podcast Summary:

Podcast - 221 Value PropOne’s value proposition drives most everything in their working career. Others’ perceptions of your value influences whether or not you secure multiple interviews and position yourself effectively for salary and benefit package […]

Career Reboot: Taking the Next Step in Your Professional Path

There are clearly numerous reasons why someone might decide to change professions. Whether these changes are due to the progression of one’s life and career, or otherwise, what is certain is that the majority of adults change careers with relative frequency throughout their lives.


126 – Ageism in the Workplace: A New Frontier For Management

Ageism is a real, hidden, ignored, insidious, and exponentially growing problem. It is not limited to baby boomers. podcast 126 ageismIn most companies, this costly generational communication gap is not being adequately addressed. It affects everyone and […]

The Rise of the Gig Economy: How Recruiters and Job Seekers are Learning to Adapt

The future of work is changing. On-demand work in which employees find isolated work (or “gigs”) through online platforms is gradually encompassing a large part of our ever-shifting economy. While primarily associated with ridesharing apps such as Uber, job-seekers can search for, and find, a […]

Why Every Résumé Needs a Value Proposition (and How to Make it Stand Out)

Countless résumé-writing tips and resources can be found online at any given time. Yet, without specifically researching the latest recruitment trends and preferences, it’s quite easy to become entrenched in an outdated process. In fact, there are obsolete forms of advice circulating résumé-writing blogs more […]

125 ML – Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Organizational Vitality

Podcast Overview:

What was once referred to as “soft skills” in decades past has evolved into what we now know as EQ and Leadership - Businessman_thumbs upemotional intelligence; but how does this translate into today’s workforce? What’s certain […]

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