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205 – Getting a Job in the Senior Executive Service

The Senior Service is the top position one can hold in the Federal Government, just below political appointee. Securing a position there is tough and the application and the process itself is very complex – requiring a specialist to help– someone who actually knows what […]

303 – Common Interview Mistakes

Col. Ret., Carlos Parez, discusses the common mistakes that most military retirees make when approaching a job search. No service member wants to think about retiring but it is a reality of life. Well in advance of leaving, they need to consider a new vocabulary […]

203 – Tips for Securing Federal Employment

It is a process that, on the surface, seems straightforward, but don’t be fooled. Key words and details count – l lot. Following all the procedures is critical to being reviewed, interviewed, and hopefully you are offered a position. Robin Schlinger, an expert on this […]

111 – Leadership Challenge – Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

The Challenge of Moving Up the Corporate Ladder – There are three levels of managers. Each level requires specific skills to be exhibited before consideration for the next level. The challenges are different and the skills required for promotion vary, as well.

110 – Resistance to HR as a Change Agent

In today’s marketplace, HR plays a critical role in corporations, large and small. The resistance to HR as a significant contributor to company problems continues and resistance by decision makers to include HR in the strategic decisions remains constant, especially in small to mid-cap corporations. […]

302 – Translating Military Skills Into Bottom Line – JD Gilda

Transition from the military to the civilian sector is hard enough.  But, translation of one’s skills in such a way that they can be clearly comprehended by the HR screeners and those in leadership positions in the private, non-defense sector “get it” makes transition even […]

109 – Branding Company As Employer of Choice

Senior HR executive, Eric Johnson, discusses why company branding is so important when recruiting new employees and also in retaining good talent. Eric is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, retired 0-6,  and has extensive experience in the fields of Pharma, BioTech, IT, Health Care, and […]

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