222- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn: Inside Secrets for Recruiters

Podcast Overview:

In what circumstance do AI sourcing tools benefit recruiters? Out of those available, which AI tools are most effective for recruiting? How can these tools be implemented alongside ATS and/or LinkedIn Recruiting services?

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Fred Coon, SC&C CEO interviews recruiting specialist, speaker, and founder of Wayne Technologies, Mike “Batman” Cohen, on what relevance AI plays in the recruiting industry; as well as the best criteria for selecting and implementing the right tools without diverting time away from the important task of finding and placing excellent candidates.

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About the Guest:

Mike Cohen-222Mike “Batman” Cohen is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a recruitment training and search firm. Mike has over a decade of experience placing technologists, recruiters, and business development professionals, and has conducted training for Corporate and Agency Recruiters.

Throughout his career he’s learned several things that he’s committed to paying forward. These include the need for community, the need to share our skills, tips, tricks etc. openly, and the importance of data but the realization that being a good human is even more important.

He has worked with a diverse group of clients ranging from GIPHY, Spotify, TripAdvisor, Digital Asset, MacDonald Miller, etc.

Mike has contributed articles to SourceCon, has a chair in the Program Committee with ATAP, helps run SourceHouston, and is a Brand Ambassador for ERE.

Mike is a talented public speaker, and has spoken at ATAP Webinars, TalentNet, SourceHouston, ERE, HR Houston, Scala Up North, Scala.io, and will be appearing at Talent 42 (June 2019) and HireConf (October 2019).

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Fred Coon, CEO

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