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The Rise of the Gig Economy: How Recruiters and Job Seekers are Learning to Adapt

The future of work is changing. On-demand work in which employees find isolated work (or “gigs”) through online platforms is gradually encompassing a large part of our ever-shifting economy. While primarily associated with ridesharing apps such as Uber, job-seekers can search for, and find, a [...]

Why Every Résumé Needs a Value Proposition (and How to Make it Stand Out)

Countless résumé-writing tips and resources can be found online at any given time. Yet, without specifically researching the latest recruitment trends and preferences, it’s quite easy to become entrenched in an outdated process. In fact, there are obsolete forms of advice circulating résumé-writing blogs more [...]

Job Search Advice for Recent Grads of All Ages

Given the growing prevalence and popularity of online colleges, adult continuing education, and simply those who are calling their own shots when it comes to their educational and professional timelines, college graduates emerge from a variety of demographics and generations. However, despite your age or [...]

What do Employee Value Propositions Mean to Companies and Individuals?

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has become an increasingly useful way to attract top talent to a company. An EVP is an effective way to demonstrate to potential employees what makes a company unique and what only it can offer. It’s a strategy often used [...]