5 Apps and Programs that Could Help Your Job Search

By: Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO

It goes without saying that the technological advancements of the last decade have dramatically and permanently changed our lives. Stretching far past the privilege of digitized leisure time, web-based applications and platforms have strongly impacted the ways in which we conduct job searches. Make use of these increasingly sophisticated apps to help ease the burden of your job search.

Applications to Help Organize Your Job Search

JibberJobber – JibberJobber is an information management system designed to assist job seekers with the task of finding and tracking open positions in different fields of expertise. The platforms lets you organize job leads by discipline, industry and geographic location. It also tracks specific target companies and information about your correspondences with the company. The application provides a wide range of features including informative search-related tutorials. Users can enroll as free members and gain access to the majority of the program’s features. Paid memberships start at just $9.95 per month and increases to a one-time fee of $495 for a lifetime membership.

44Score – 44Score tracks job applications, networking opportunities and correspondences with your target company. The app also includes a calendar for job search reminders. 44Score integrates with employer websites, online job boards and online classifieds such as Craigslist. Users can join using their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Job Search – Job Search by Indeed is a mobile platform designed specifically for Apple users. The free app is easy to use and allows users to search and filter results according to job title and location. Users can save their results and receive future notifications of related job posts right to their mobile device.

Using Software Applications to Help Craft Your Resume

As advanced as we are technologically, the resume is still the centerpiece of your job seeker marketing package. We would certainly not recommend relying solely on resume writing software to craft a resume, but you can use software to create templates and polish some of the verbiage on your resume if you are not working with a certified resume writer.

PongoResume – PongoResume is a fantastic low-cost option that provides memberships ranging in price from free to $59.95 for an annual membership. The site’s Resume Builder function provides step-by-step guidance on how to craft a resume along with suggestions for tips and phrases and a selection of custom templates. Paid subscriptions deliver more comprehensive user options which include activity tracking, PDF download options, style-matching for resumes and letters and a resume web page.

Resume Builder – Resume Builder provides a step-by-step resume writing guide to help you “write the best copy” for a compelling resume. Sounds a lot like marketing lingo, doesn’t it? Not a bad idea, but as far as resume writing goes, Resume Builder is a far cry from PongoResume. The site does offer several free resume writing tools, including resume examples and templates, as well as key phrase suggestions. Plus, you have the option to publish your resume online once it’s finished.

Use the above five applications to help streamline some of the tasks associated with the job search process. None of these apps are going to serve as a be-all and end-all, but they may be able to help you expedite some of the more tedious processes.