307 – The Best Résumé Style for your Military to Corporate Transition

Is there one particular or “go-to” résumé format which best highlight a service member’s experience? What are the main concerns an employer holds in regard to a military member’s time in service? What do veterans need to keep in mind when preparing their résumé? How can former service members make their résumés stand out to potential civilian employers?

Podcast 307 - man writing on paperRetiring service members submit their résumés to private sector companies and organizations on a daily basis. Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon, has a lively conversation with military transition expert, Aerielle Ludwig, on the best resume styles and layouts, how to address concerns, what veterans need to keep in mind when preparing their résumés, and how to make their résumés stand out from their competition. Coincidentally, Aerielle is a Lock Haven University graduate, one of the universities where Fred Coon conducted a seminar for twelve college career centers and a student body presentation on job search tactics that work.

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A Special Message from Fred Coon

About the Guest:Aerielle Ludwig

Aerielle Ludwig is a credentialed secondary school counselor (M.Ed.) with experience in a variety of academic advising settings within higher education, career and vocational counseling, non-profit settings, the Army Continuing Education System (ACES), and as a Transition Specialist with the military, in addition to being an Army spouse of 13 years.



Fred Coon, CEO


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