217 – “Your Second Act” – At 55+ What’s Next?

What might a person do in a second act that was meaningful, gave them a sense of well-being and help them financially? How are “Baby Boomers” repurposing corporate skills, working part-time, pursuing new passions or even starting a small business?

Today’s labor market is stretched, and many retirees are coming back in droves. For those who are considering retirement, the thrill of playing golf every day only lasts for a little while before boredom sets in. Many of those who are 55+ are now planning their “retirement work” rather than actual retirement.

Your Second Act - Over 55 - What's Nex

Fred Coon, CEO at Stewart, Cooper & Coon, interviews Certified Proessional Resume Writer and Credentialed Career Manager, Laura Slawson, on the current trends in repurposing when a worker approaches retirement.

About the Guest:  Laura Slawson is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Credentialed Career Manager (one of fewer than 20 worldwide), who crafts career documents that empower her clients to interview with confidence. Laura collaborates across many industries and her business, The Creative Advantage, has been endorsed by executives and executive search firms throughout metropolitan NY & NJ.

Ms. Slawson has been featured on: CNBC – MAKE IT! and WTBQ – Creativity & Technology Solutions for Business & Life Show. She is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) / Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), Credentialed Career Manager, Certified by Career Thought Leaders / Résumé Writing Academy (CTL/RWA), a Published Book Reviewer/ Career Planning and Adult Development Network Journal (CPAD),  and is a member of the following organizations: International Virtual Assistants Association *Preferred Partner* (IVAA),  Career Thought Leaders / Résumé Writing Academy(CTL/RWA), National Résumé Writing Association (NRWA), and Be A Résumé Writer (BARW).


Fred Coon, CEO


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