210 – Help Me Help You: An Executive Recruiter Explains the Best Way for Job Seekers to Work With Recruiters

Recruiters play an important role in any job search, but it isn’t always a matter of blindly sending out resumes in hopes of landing your dream job. For this podcast, Fred Coon interviews Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, who explains how job seekers can learn to actually help their recruiters assist them better in their employment quest for maximum results.

Podcast - Recruiter and Job Seeker

Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart Cooper & Coon, and Andrew Ko — both experienced recruiters — engage in a meaningful discussion about how job seekers of all levels can improve their chances of consideration when working with recruiters.

Guest Bio:Andrew Ko - Guest

“Andrew Ko is an executive recruiter and executive career coach. He is a credentialed Global Career Development Facilitator. He also has a certification in Training Gamification as well as holds certifications from Dale Carnegie Training and a certificate in Emotional Intelligence. He has experience leading career development, training and development, outplacement, and leadership development. Andrew pulls back the curtain on job search with his clients and helps them land their next job faster. Andrew’s professional background includes over 10 years with a Fortune 500 company and he leverages this corporate experience to better serve his clients.

Andrew also has a background working with the military veteran community and has been awarded for his work with a well-known and respected non-profit  focused on working with veterans to help them find employment. He is credited for creating and developing a career development training program to better serve their veteran clients.

He is a member of the Association of Talent Development and a member of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals where he has been a primary presenter for several of their national conventions on subjects such as Career Development and LinkedIn.

Andrew is also a published artist. When not working in recruiting and career development he enjoys art and has sold his artwork in several solo exhibits around Los Angeles. He also has several certifications in search and rescue and has spent four years on a volunteer search and rescue team and enjoys hiking.”

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Fred Coon, CEO


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