162 – Modern Business: Adapt Quickly for the Sake of Your Career

Why is so much attention directed toward Millennials and their expectations in the workplace? Is there really a generational divide/difference, and if so, why? What is important for mature workers to know about working alongside and managing Millennials?

Marie Martin, a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley start-ups, discusses generational trends and the need for adaptation skills. Hosted by Fred Coon, CEO/Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

Time For A Rethink Means Change Strategy

About the Guest

162 - Marie MartinMarie Martin has spent the last twenty years working in high-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley. In the last five to six years, Marie has seen a rapid power-shift toward Millennials. At the same time, the modern business landscape has transformed in every aspect, including the burgeoning use of workplace applications. As both a manager and employer of Millennials, Marie has had a front row seat in viewing Silicon Valley navigate and utilize the young, confident energy of Millennials alongside their more experienced counterparts.

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Fred Coon, CEO

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