159 – Psychological Safety Means Productivity

What is psychological safety and how does it build stronger teams in the workplace? What are the benefits of open and honest communication in employee/manager relationships? How can organizations weave the practice of psychological safety into their culture to build and enhance productivity?

Shane Metcalf, Chief Culture Officer of 15Five, discusses the direct relationship between profit, production, and psychological safety in this informative interview; hosted by Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

About the Guest

159 - Shane MetcalfShane Metcalf is a seasoned executive coach, speaker, and currently chief culture officer at 15Five. He is focused on building healthy organizations and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Shane also co-founded the 15Five, industry-leading performance management software that is unlocking the potential of the global workforce. Along with his co-founder, David Hassell, Shane has developed the Best-Self Management methodology which proposes that if leaders build cultures and institute practices that support people in being and becoming their best selves, then high performance and uncommon loyalty will result.



Fred Coon, CEO

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