156 – Viewpoint: Generational Differences Don’t Exist in Organizations

A professional of the millennial generation speaks about the need for a a non-generational focus that includes Podcast 156 - Puzzleunderstanding other factors. Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon, interviews Michael Vodianoi, Co-Founder of Northmark Talent, about the need to shift to a micro focus view to comprehend individual differences in the workplace.

About the Guest

156 - Michael VodianoiMichael Vodianoi is the Co-Founder of Northmark Talent, an HR Consultancy in Toronto, Canada, and the Head of People Science at SPARKX5, an HR Tech startup focused on improving employee well-being. He has experience spanning both Organizational Psychology Consulting and Marketing, and is passionate about spreading the value of scientific thinking and evidence-based practices for creating thriving organizations.

Michael holds a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, and is a member of ScienceForWork, a non-profit that helps executives access and use scientific research to improve their management decisions. He is a professional member of the Society for IO Psychology and the Centre for Evidence-Based Management, and has been a guest author for The Canadian Industrial & Organizational Psychologist publication.

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Fred Coon, CEO

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