155 – Reciprocal vs. Traditional Mentoring: A Win-Win!

Avery Stone Fish, Program Manager for Innovators Connection, speaks with Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Podcast 155 - InnovationCoon about the winning mentoring model now sweeping Chicago’s business marketplace.

About the Guest:

Avery Stone Fish - 155Avery Stone Fish is the Program Manager for the Innovators Connection, the connection-making arm of Chicago Innovation, an organization that educates, connects, and celebrates innovators in Chicago. He oversees Ageless Innovators, the first inter-generational co-mentoring program, connecting successful business leaders across generations and across businesses in a reciprocal mentoring relationship. He also heads up the Corporate-Startup Matchmaking, where he facilitates needs-based connection-making between large corporations and startups in Chicago. Avery has also written, produced, and performed music with his brother, Hughie Stone Fish.

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Fred Coon, CEO

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