152 – Resilience, Tough Love, & Superior Performance in the Workplace

What is resilience and why is it important in the workplace? Why is ‘tough love’ an important factor in workplace leadership? How are resilience and superior performance linked, and how can this connection be maximized?

Psychologist and personnel strategist, Dr. Russell Thackeray, discusses how leadership involves a balance of both resilience and tough love. Hosted by Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

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About the Guest

152 - Russell ThackerayDr. Russell Thackeray is a psychologist with 20+ years of experience, and host of the QED podcast series, “Resilience Unraveled“. He regularly works with companies in the U.S., U.K. and throughout Europe regarding the ‘soft issues’ specifically through building strong company cultures and the individual emotional and mental toughness that allows employees to thrive. He helps people and organizations drive change, achieve goals and win, in a constant and sustainable way, by building accountability and resilience.

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Fred Coon, CEO

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