151 – Why Great Leaders Are Great Listeners

What is the difference between listening to understand and listening to reply? Why does this difference matter as a leader/manager? What are the four types of poor listening techniques, and what can be done instead? What are the benefits of a leader who makes it safe to tell the truth, and how can this be achieved? Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, discusses this with Scott Miller, Executive Vice President & Thought Leader for the FranklinCovey Company.

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About the Guest

151 - Scott MillerEntering his 23rd year with the Franklin Covey Company, Scott Miller serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership. He is the host of the FranklinCovey sponsored On Leadership with Scott Miller — a weekly leadership webcast, podcast and newsletter that features interviews with renowned business titans, authors and thought leaders and is distributed to more than five million business leaders — as well the weekly radio program Great Life, Great Career with Scott Miller on iHeart Media’s KNRS 105.7. This radio program and podcast provides insight and strategies drawn from FranklinCovey’s leadership principles and from Miller’s career and personal life experience to assist listeners in becoming more effective as business leaders and to improve their personal performance.

Miller leads the strategy, development, and publication of FranklinCovey’s bestselling books and thought leadership, which provide the framework for the company’s world-renowned content and solutions. He is the author of FranklinCovey’s upcoming, Management Mess to Leadership Success releasing in June, 2019 (Mango Media). He is also co-authoring Everyone Deserves A Great Manager, The 6 Critical Practices for Leading A Team, scheduled to be released in October 2019 (Simon & Schuster).

In his previous roles as Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Marketing Officer, Scott led the global transformation of FranklinCovey’s brand and prior to that as General Manager of Client Facilitation Services, Miller worked with thousands of clients and client facilitators in numerous markets in over 30 countries. He has presented to hundreds of audiences across every industry, and loves to share his unique journey as an unfiltered leader thriving in today’s highly-filtered, corporate culture.

Miller joined the Covey Leadership Center in 1996 as a Client Partner with the Education Division, which focused on serving K-12 schools and higher education. He also served as the General Manager of FranklinCovey’s Central Region for six years in Chicago.

Miller began his professional career in 1992 with the Disney Development Company (the real estate development division of the Walt Disney Company) as a founding member of the development team that designed the new town of Celebration, Florida.

Connect with Scott Miller via LinkedIn or his business website.

Fred Coon, CEO

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