145 – Creating a Cohesive Workplace through Generational Integration

What kind of issues are showing up in the workplace tied to the presence of Millennials? How should employers address the generational gaps that exist within the workplace? What are the primary differences between those of the millennial generation and those from older generations?

Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, interviews David Lewis, founder and CEO of Operations, Inc. on the serious issues that his client companies have experienced with integration of multiple generations, and the best way to create a cohesive and functional workforce.

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About the Guest:

145 - David LewisDavid Lewis is the founder, president, and CEO of Operations Inc., one of the nation’s largest human resources outsourcing and consulting firms. Operations Inc. has grown steadily since its inception in 2001, and now engages a team of over 90 professionals providing HR, Payroll, Training, and Recruiting support to a base of over 1,600 clients. David is leveraging a 30-plus year career in human resources and operational management for leading firms including Merck/Medco and Computer Associates. He serves as an on-air subject matter expert in the areas of human resources, workplace management, and small business issues for MSNBC, FOX, CBS Radio and NPR, and regularly appears in national publications like The New York Times, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal.

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Fred Coon, CEO

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