143 – Secrets To High-Performing Multi-Generational Teams

Boomers say, “Millenials don’t… ,” and Millennials say, “Boomers feel that I...”; and the managers who must settle this generational conflict are also expected to keep business flowing in a thriving company. Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, interviews Thad Peterson, Sr. Director of Marketing, at The Predicitive Index. The manner in which Thad approaches generational issues and achieves harmony, results, and profit is what drives this informative discussion.

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About the Guest:

Thad Peterson 143Thad Peterson is the Senior Director of Marketing at The Predictive Index, the leader in talent optimization. A down-to-earth leader, he manages a high-performing multi-generational team to drive results. In his free time, Thad shuttles his kids to and from hockey rinks all over Eastern Massachusetts and tries to sneak in a few cool travel experiences each year.


Connect with Thad on Twitter @predictiveindex or via LinkedIn.

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Fred Coon, CEO


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