140 – Incorporating Mental/Emotional Health Policies to Help Your Employees (& Your Bottom Line)

Besides the obvious reasons, what makes the mental and emotional health of our employees so important in today’s corporatePodcast 140 world? What choices can employers make to support the mental and emotional health of their employees?

Hear Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, interview Laurie Sharp-Page, MS, LPCC-S, CWC, psychotherapist, and owner of Sprouting Change, as they discuss the growing problem facing Corporate Executives and their HR professionals. Learn about the front-line challenges surrounding top- and bottom-lines, and the improvements made through better mental and emotional health polices in their corporations.

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About the Guest:

Laurie Sharp PageLaurie Sharp-Page, MS, LPCC-S, CWC,  is a psychotherapist and owner of Sprouting Change, which provides mental and emotional wellness services to organizations. Laurie seeks to help organizations provide quality mental and emotional wellness services to their employees in cost-effective and meaningful ways. Laurie has the mindset that employee mental and emotional health matters, and that by empowering individual employees to improve their mental and emotional health, organizations are positively impacted as well.

Contact Laurie: Email or connect via LinkedIn.

Website: Sprouting-Change.com


Fred Coon, CEO

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