137 – High-Tech Organizational Culture vs. Priority Alignment

Is organizational culture or priority alignment more important to retaining the Boomer, the Gen-Xer, Millennial, or Y? In the high-tech industry, what are these dynamic companies doing to align company and employee needs? In this podcast, Rob Seay, HR Director for Bonfyre, answers these questions and more with host, Fred Coon, CEO at Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

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About the Guest

Rob Seay 137Rob Seay is the HR director for the employee experience platform, Bonfyre. He is an accomplished Human Resources professional with over 20 years of proven leadership and management experience who has worked with leading businesses in various healthcare, enterprise tech and consumer goods industries. Rob is schooled in the importance of employee-driven digital communities which foster multi-level conversation, increased engagement, and team connectivity.

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Fred Coon, CEO

Stewart, Cooper & Coon offers Human Capital Strategy Serviceto both individuals and corporations. Our staff is dedicated to our clients’ success via innovative job search processes, employment management strategies, and state-of-the-art technologies. Contact Fred Coon – 866-883-4200, Ext. 200