129 – Ageism in the Workplace: Signs and Strategies

Podcast Overview:

Ageism is a pressing, yet often overlooked, issue in today’s workplace. What are the signs of ageism, and how can it Podcast 129 - Hourglassimpact your profit and business? What are a few strategies to identify ageism and how do you combat it in your own company?

Fred Coon, SC&C CEO interviews Jeff Rizzo, former investment banker, and entrepreneur who owns and invests in popular websites, YouTube Channels, and mobile applications as he addresses this issue in his companies.

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About the Guest(s):

Jeff Rizzo, and associate Matthew Ross, are the co-founders of RIZKNOWS and The Slumber Yard, which operate multiple internet properties including popular websites, YouTube channels and a mobile application. Prior to starting their own company, Jeff and Matthew worked as middle-market investment bankers.

Podcast 129 - Ross and Rizzo

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