125 ML – Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Organizational Vitality

Podcast Overview:

What was once referred to as “soft skills” in decades past has evolved into what we now know as EQ and Leadership - Businessman_thumbs upemotional intelligence; but how does this translate into today’s workforce? What’s certain is that the “old playbook” no longer applies, yet leaders must still learn how to embed emotional intelligence into their regular business strategies.Emotional Intelligence 1a

These and other important lessons from influential companies, such as Siemens, FedEX, HSBC and others, are explored and discussed by Fred Coon, CEO Stewart, Cooper & Coon, as he interviews multi-published author, Josh Freedman, one of the world’s preeminent authorities on the practical application of emotional intelligence.

About the Guest:

Joshua Freeman - 125 ML

Joshua Freedman CEO, EQ researcher & author, master certified coach

One of the world’s preeminent authorities on the practical application of emotional intelligence, Joshua Freedman is author of the international bestseller, At the Heart of Leadership, as well as five other books on putting EQ into action.

He’s a researcher, a master certified coach, and the CEO of Six Seconds, the world’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the practice of emotional intelligence.

Joshua can be reached via LinkedIn or email.





Fred Coon, CEO

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