115 – Motivating The Millennial Worker

Podcast Overview:

Who are the Millennials, really? Statistic show that one in four millennial workers quit their jobs before the 5 yearPodcast 115 - Millennial employee retention mark. Moreover, 66 percent are expected to resign from their current place of employment by the year 2020. As an employer, you have spent time, money, and resources securing them. Do you really want to waste that fiscal investment? How does one manage them effectively in order to retain talent? What drives them to succeed? How can companies ensure the highest productivity from millennial workers? (Hint: Money is not necessarily the proverbial “carrot”.)

About the Guest:

Kathy Gamboa is an experienced Senior Operations and Business Strategy Executive. As Vice President of Market Transformation for the Apollo Group, an international operation supporting a virtual environment and 29 locations in major metropolitan cities with more than 1,000 employees serving more than 100,000 customers, she collaborated with sales, product support, financial operations, and product development to build and apply strategy for process improvement, development, and had P&L oversight.

Kathy is also an expert in working with multi-generational groups within organizations to make sure each distinct group has their needs and drivers recognized and managed effectively. She has been responsible for improved customer retention, multi-state operations sales, product development, customer support, and financial operations, and has extensive experience in customer care and managing larger call centers operations that produce results.

Fred Coon, CEO

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