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132 – Small-Business Owner Discusses Managing Multiple Generations In Her Company

What are some ways that business owners can encourage and incorporate age-diversity in work culture? What are Podcast 132 - Clock Calendarsome of the reasons that ageism […]

149 – “Office” SPACE – Is Working Remotely the NEW Frontier?

How has the remote work environment changed the needs of businesses? In what ways are companies changing their workplace settings? What type of workspaces appeal to younger generations?Podcast 149 - [...]
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147 – Industry Review: Auto Dealers Face Multi-Generational Challenges

What are some of the unique challenges faced by retail automotive businesses in regards to multi-generational Podcast 147 - Car_clock blendmanagement? How have these challenges necessitated working […]

145 – Creating a Cohesive Workplace through Generational Integration

What kind of issues are showing up in the workplace tied to the presence of Millennials? How should employers Podcast 145address the generational gaps that exist within the […]

143 – Secrets To High-Performing Multi-Generational Teams

Boomers say, “Millenials don’t… ,” and Millennials say, “Boomers feel that I...”; and the managers who must settlePodcast 143 this generational conflict are also expected to keep business […]

140 – Incorporating Mental/Emotional Health Policies to Help Your Employees (& Your Bottom Line)

Besides the obvious reasons, what makes the mental and emotional health of our employees so important in today’s corporatePodcast 140 world? What choices can employers make to […]

131 – Multi or Intergenerational? The Key to Successfully Maintaining Several Age Groups in One Work Setting – Part 2

A collaborative ethos will always prevail, as success is best achieved with a shared objective. Yet, at a time when Diplomacy in the Workplace - Hands-on supportseveral vastly […]

137 – High-Tech Organizational Culture vs. Priority Alignment

Is organizational culture or priority alignment more important to retaining the Boomer, the Gen-Xer, Millennial, or Podcast 137Y? In the high-tech industry, what are these dynamic companies doing […]

136 – $550 BILLION Loss? Five Generations and the Workplace Communication Gap

Podcast Overview

Our series on generations in the workplace continues with a new perspective…

In the United States, there are five Podcast 136generations under the same roof who aren’t […]

222- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn: Inside Secrets for Recruiters

Podcast Overview:

In what circumstance do AI sourcing tools benefit recruiters? Out of those available, which AI tools are most effective for recruiting? How can these tools be implemented alongside ATS and/or LinkedIn Recruiting services?

130 – Multi or Intergenerational? The Key to Successfully Maintaining Several Age Groups in One Work Setting – Part 1

Podcast Overview:

We all know the inherent adage, “united, we stand; divided, we fall“. Success is best achieved with a shared Podcast 130objective. Yet, at a time when […]

128 – Employers Ensuring an Age & Disability-Friendly Workplace

Podcast Overview:

How can a age-friendly culture be established within an organization?  Is disability in the workplace is regardedPodcast 128 differently between the generations? What is the current […]

LinkedIn Users: What *Not* to Include in Your Profile Page

Although Facebook may be great for socializing and catching up with friends, LinkedIn is the current go-to source for promoting one’s professional accomplishments and establishing important business connections. It is also a way for […]

Beyond Your Profile Page: Why Execs Must Remain Active On LinkedIn

For close to two decades now, you’ve surely been hearing how important it is to have and maintain a LinkedIn profile.  There are a multitude of reasons to keep your LinkedIn profile, not only in […]

How to Promote, Accommodate and Implement Different Age Groups in Your Workplace for Optimal Performance

In today’s working environment, the popular issue of discussion is often sexual harassment. Although sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue that should be addressed, there are also other issues in […]

127 – Real Business Leaders Share Experiences on Multi-Generational Management

Podcast Overview:

Podcast 127 - Multi GenerationFour generations under one roof — with different working styles — can lead to a clash of expectations, impact goal setting, slow […]

221 – SPECIAL PODCAST: National Career Experts Discuss Value Proposition – Jobs, Money, Negotiations (& more)

Podcast Summary:

Podcast - 221 Value PropOne’s value proposition drives most everything in their working career. Others’ perceptions of your value influences whether or not you secure multiple […]

126 – Ageism in the Workplace: A New Frontier For Management

Ageism is a real, hidden, ignored, insidious, and exponentially growing problem. It is not limited to baby boomers. podcast 126 ageismIn most companies, this costly generational communication […]

The Rise of the Gig Economy: How Recruiters and Job Seekers are Learning to Adapt

The future of work is changing. On-demand work in which employees find isolated work (or “gigs”) through online platforms is gradually encompassing a large part of our ever-shifting economy. While primarily associated with ridesharing apps […]

Why Every Résumé Needs a Value Proposition (and How to Make it Stand Out)

Countless résumé-writing tips and resources can be found online at any given time. Yet, without specifically researching the latest recruitment trends and preferences, it’s quite easy to become entrenched in an outdated process. In fact, […]

125 ML – Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Organizational Vitality

Podcast Overview:

What was once referred to as “soft skills” in decades past has evolved into what we now know as EQ and Leadership - Businessman_thumbs upemotional intelligence; […]

123 – The Critical Role of Message Integration In Every Company, Regardless of Size: SPECIAL PODCAST RELEASE!

You are receiving this because we are all impacted by “messaging.” Today, our clients, our vendors, our associates, and the social world around us is influenced by our “message”.

312 – Learn About the “Warrior Bonfire Program” for Military Heroes

The Warrior Bonfire Program is committed to providing opportunities that improve the lives of Purple Heart recipients on their life long journey of recovery and healing, with focus on creating activity based, stress free […]

307 – The Best Résumé Style for your Military to Corporate Transition

Is there one particular or “go-to” résumé format which best highlight a service member’s experience? What are the main concerns an employer holds in regard to a military member’s time in service? What do veterans […]

220 – Over 50? Exploring your Ideal “Encore” Career

What jobs might an over-50 job-seeker be looking for or be interested in as an “encore career?” What should mature job-seekers think about before embarking on this next chapter in their career? What available resources […]

219 – Planning Your Move To The Second Job In Your Career

You’ve been working at the first position in your career. Now, you want to find another lateral or upward career move. How do you articulate your professional experience on a resume that has clear value-add? […]

Help for the Overwhelmed Executive (and How to Know When it’s Time for a Change)

The role of the executive is undoubtedly a demanding, and concurrently stressful, position. From an outside perspective, it is often difficult to perceive the heavy and intricate workload with which executives must contend. Both in […]

Organizational Development and Retained Search: What is the Connection?

Embracing the need for organizational change and development is a crucial factor toward the success of any business. A company that adapts to an ever-changing corporate climate and the evolving needs of its employees is, […]

9 Ways Young Career Professionals Can Stay Poised for Success

Every budding professional or recent college graduate knows the feeling:  It’s time to get a job that matters; in other words, one that will help poise you for your long-term career goals.

While current prospects for […]

SC&C Podcast series takes a meaningful look at today’s business issues

Media Update:

Stewart Cooper & Coon’s “Workplace Strategies Podcast” series consists of 15-minute interviews with a plethora of senior executives addressing current business and employment issues from wide-ranging industries and the military.

Employees, business leaders, and job-seekers, alike: […]

113 – Converge or Collide: 4 Generations in the Workforce

The distinctions among varying age groups are indeed more than just a label. What are the top two differences between Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z? Why do business leaders need to manage these […]

217 – “Your Second Act” – At 55+ What’s Next?

What might a person do in a second act that was meaningful, gave them a sense of well-being and help them financially? How are “Baby Boomers” repurposing corporate skills, working part-time, pursuing new passions or […]

310 – Visualization of Commander’s Intent: Your Transition Mission — To What End?

What are the five key words you now use to characterize the vision of your own transition? What is your mission? At SCC-Military-Transition-Training-1024x680the Pentagon, if it takes […]

9 Communication Tips to Improve Your Company’s Change Management Process

Every organization, at some point, will need to undergo a transformation or series of changes. This is rarely an easy task, largely because people are generally somewhat resistant to change. Employees tend to be most […]

121 – The Value of Hiring Military Leaders in the Civilian Sector

Companies are begging for good leadership yet, they many times overlook the highly-skilled and trained talent available from senor military leaders. The discussion also looks at how companies can address this lack of experience and […]

6 Compelling Ways to Promote Employee Development Within Your Company

When considering the concept of employee development, it is important to integrate both professional and personal aspects. Professional development programs will allow employees to thrive within the workplace, giving the employee new knowledge that will […]

120 – Amazon – Myth and the Must For Suppliers

Amazon! It’s huge and overwhelming for retailers who are trying to take their products to a large scale on this gigantic online platform. Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, interviews Wayne Strickland, […]

119 – What Business Leaders Can Learn From The Rock n’ Roll Culture

Rock n’Roll and Business Leadership? The musicians can tell you a lot about team building and cooperation under pressure. So can Wayne Strickland, a former Senior Executive with Hallmark. Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, […]

118 – Why Netflix Doesn’t Tolerate Brilliant Jerks

Netflix doesn’t tolerate brilliant jerks, nor should any self-respecting company. Fred Coon, CEO at Stewart, Cooper &amp; Coon, interviews Jim Schleckser, CEO of Inc. CEO Project, about managing the brilliant but disruptive employee. You know the […]

7 Signs it May be Time to Re-evaluate Your Company’s Mission Statement

A mission statement is a typically brief statement outlining what your primary goal is and who you hope to benefit or reach with your organization. A mission statement needs to reflect the goals of an […]

Military to Corporate Leadership: Maintaining Equilibrium During the Transition

Military leaders who are transitioning into the private sector often find themselves facing a very specific set of challenges. Among the more prevalent involve reconvening with a society increasingly detached from the military ethos, as […]

117 – Sexual Harassment – Accuser vs Accused

Sexual Harassment is real. Daily, accuser vs accused plays out in small and large corporations across America and in courts. Fred Coon interviews Dennis Niermann, an attorney who has adjudicated 500+ sexual harassment cases, both as an attorney […]

211 – Your Personal Brand – The What, The Why, and The How

A personal brand is the difference between priority consideration and being another “also ran”.

What are the five components of a personal brand? When the personal brand is developed, how does a job seeker use their personal brand […]

210 – Help Me Help You: An Executive Recruiter Explains the Best Way for Job Seekers to Work With Recruiters

Recruiters play an important role in any job search, but it isn’t always a matter of blindly sending out resumes in hopes of landing your dream job. For this podcast, Fred Coon interviews Andrew Ko, an […]

208 – Résumés: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (as Told by an Executive Recruiter)

Get the inside scoop from an executive recruiter on what they like and don’t like in a résumé.

As a job seeker, your résumé is your first opportunity to make a great impression on a recruiter by […]

207 – How To Handle Your Termination Meeting

Your boss, or HR, calls you into their office. They hand you your termination packet. What you say and do next will have a great impact on references, relationships, and possibly your re-hire-ability. There are legal issues and management issues, […]

306 – Veterans: How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Do service members have to spend more time than their civilian counterparts in preparing for an interview? Why? What else to they need to do that civilians don’t? An AECS certified expert with 20 years […]

305 – Why Training Jr. Leadership is so Important

Why Training Jr. Leadership is So Important – So many companies could take lessons from the “hip pocket” daily training the military provides to all members, regardless of rank. Corporations may with to listen […]

The Emergence and Challenges of Chief Data Officers in Modern Business

Not to be confused with the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Data Officer (or CDO) is a C-level corporate executive who plays the valuable role of governing all pertinent data for an organization.

A 2018 […]

Podcast Interview: Reviewing the Legal Side of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Approximately half of all women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace. It is up to companies to create an environment where such behavior is not tolerated. What should business leaders know about such policies […]

205 – Getting a Job in the Senior Executive Service

The Senior Service is the top position one can hold in the Federal Government, just below political appointee. Securing a position there is tough and the application and the process itself is very complex – […]

111 – Leadership Challenge – Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

The Challenge of Moving Up the Corporate Ladder – There are three levels of managers. Each level requires specific skills to be exhibited before consideration for the next level. The challenges are different and the […]

SC&C Media Update: Latest Podcast Explores Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues

Sexual Harassment is one of the more timely topics in today’s corporate marketplace.  Stewart, Cooper & Coon CEO, Fred Coon, has launched a new sub-series of his “Workplace Strategies” Podcast, entitled, “Women In The Workplace” which further […]

302 – Translating Military Skills Into Bottom Line – JD Gilda

Transition from the military to the civilian sector is hard enough.  But, translation of one’s skills in such a way that they can be clearly comprehended by the HR screeners and those in leadership positions […]

109 – Branding Company As Employer of Choice

Senior HR executive, Eric Johnson, discusses why company branding is so important when recruiting new employees and also in retaining good talent. Eric is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, retired 0-6,  and has extensive experience […]

200 – Tactics To Overcome Fear of Networking

I  hate networking! Most job seekers really feel this way. Here are a few tactics that really work to overcome networking anxieties and how to expand your network from our guest, Barbara Limmer, a highly-successful Job […]

Assessing Your Company’s Training Needs: 8 Tips for a Successful Evaluation

Training needs assessments are necessary to ensure the competency and efficiency of your company.  Likewise, there are proper ways to implement a training needs assessment which will guarantee that your chosen tools are actually going to benefit […]

Hiring Manager or Recruiter: Knowing Your Interview Audience

Your resume and cover letter have been perfected and fine-tuned; your choice of apparel is clean, pressed, and ready to go; you have even taken the extra step to research the details of the company. […]

4 Strategies for Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Your Business

Cost effectiveness is a vital aspect of business maintenance. Of course, it involves being highly critical and acknowledging that the business can, in some ways, improve. While there are several approaches to performing this analysis […]

101 – Sexual Harassment Series (101 – 107)

This is a 7 part series on Sexual Harassment. It is best to begin with episode 101 and continue through the series numerically. What does a manager or a business owner need to know? Find out why we challenge that […]

Recruiting Experts Weigh in On What Traits Make a Candidate Stand Out Most

There are some traits and characteristics that just seem to shine. While this is true in nearly every field or endeavor, it is especially so in the world of executive recruitment and retention. While some […]

The Pros and Cons of Applicant Tracking Systems: What Employers (and Job Seekers) Should Know

A majority of companies are increasingly turning toward applicant tracking systems, or ATSs, in an effort to make the recruiting process less tedious. While ATSs were initially used almost entirely by very large companies, it […]

In What Areas are Executive Recruiters Seeing the Most Growth and Potential Clients?

Executive recruiters are engaged throughout the entire process of hiring, which largely includes leading detailed interviews and introducing clients to qualified selected candidates. The main goal of executive search firms is to locate candidates who […]

Arizona May Be Home to the Newest Tech Industry Surge

For generations, northern California’s Silicon Valley has been known as the tech startup center of the United States. In fact, 78 percent of investments towards startups go to companies located in California, as well […]

Career Transitions and Your Emotional Health: Understanding and Navigating the Effects

Career transitions are often an inevitable factor in the lives of most professionals. While there are those who may be lucky enough to embark upon their dream career on the virtual heels of their graduation […]

Successful Professionals Explain How to Create and Present a Case for Job Advancement

Asking for a raise or promotion at work is often an intimidating experience, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be. According to Steve Pritchard, HR manager at Cuuver — a UK-based insurance comparison technology […]

Adapting to Organizational Change on an Individual Level: How Employers Can Help

Organizational Development is a necessary tactic for any company that wants to remain relevant and maintain growth in an ever-changing business world. By making the best use of their resources, companies can increase productivity, efficiency, […]

“Boss” Redefined: What Makes a Great Modern Business Leader?

It’s been said that 75 percent of U.S. employees leave their job because of issues with superiors or bosses.  Decades ago, when hearing the term “boss,” many would associate the word with a […]

Advice for Identifying and Managing Various Types of Employees

Objectivity is the token banner held high for business pursuits; and to an extent, rightly so. Objectivity in analyzing pros and cons is an indispensable attribute for any accomplished executive or manager. Working with people […]

The Importance of Diplomacy in the Workplace and How to Achieve It

The art of diplomacy (or tact) can be the deciding factor between hurt feelings and a positive encounter, both in the workplace and beyond. Although we want to maintain honesty at all times, it’s also […]

Integrating Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

All human interactions within the business world are affected by Emotional Intelligence (EI), from customer service to troubleshooting and brainstorming, meeting presentations, and employee motivation.

When a staff is emotionally intelligent, they are further empowered to achieve […]

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part II – Translation

Welcome to part-two of our series, where we will be exploring three primary aspects that often present the most serious stumbling blocks to service members transferring into the civilian sector.

For this, we’ll be drawing upon […]

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part I – Culture Shock

The fundamental equation of the modern workforce is a balance between marketable skills and given levels of competition for the field in question. Even those who have spent the entirety of their career in the […]

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part III – Knowing Your Value

Welcome to the third and final part of our series, where we have been investigating three prominent factors faced by former military members transitioning to civilian employment.

In examining the knowledge of experts, and most specifically, veterans who have obtained […]

Gaining Recognition as a Thought-Leader Through Personal Branding (Update: 2019)

In a world where meeting requirements is simply average and you either shape in or ship out, the current desire to be exceptional and to lead the pack couldn’t be greater. This sentiment is often […]

8 Non-Traditional Interview Questions – and How to Handle Them

Job-seekers are, by now, familiar with traditional interview questions, such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “How do you handle conflict?” “Do you work well with a team?”

While these questions may still play a […]

Revisiting the Basics When Creating Your Personal Brand

Anyone who has spent more than a moment in the executive business realm has likely encountered the term, “personal branding”.  Years ago, personal branding may have included little more than a well-designed business card. […]

Essential Marketing Tactics to Help Connect with Customers

Using a single channel of communication with your clients has a moderate value; let us imagine that it creates a one-in-ten response rate.  Adding a second method of contact or communication increases it (according to […]

7 Advantages to Hiring Military Veterans

Recently, employers in the private sector have begun to further recognize the magnitude of exceptional talents and strengths that military veterans have to offer the civilian workforce.  Established civilian business owners as well as veterans […]

Female Venture Capitalists: Understanding and Expanding the Current Climate

According to the US Small Business Administration, over 36 percent of all businesses in the United States are majority-owned by female entrepreneurs.

No one with any credibility will pretend there are not still significant challenges for […]

Could Your Company Benefit from Organizational Development? Here are 5 Reasons Why

Productivity and efficiency are among the cornerstones of a flourishing company. An effective away to achieve both – in addition to innumerable other advantages – is through a dedication to organizational development.

Organizational development (OD) […]

What the Net Neutrality Repeal Means for Small Businesses

With the recently changed FCC laws surrounding internet regulation, businesses should take heed to how this particular modification will directly affect them.  Formerly, the internet was comparable to a utility; similar to water, electricity, or […]

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its Effect on the Job Market

Earliest Signs

In the 15th Century in the Netherlands, if you were a weaver, it was a manual skill you learned from your mother, and she from hers.  It was a coarse-weave you created, but it was […]

Transitioning From a Military to Civilian Career? 8 Tips From an Accomplished Veteran

As any veteran knows, making the transition from armed forces to the private sector often poses a myriad of individual challenges. However, remaining informed, and learning from other veterans who have successfully made the shift, […]

Executives: Is that Meeting Really Necessary?

Most in-person meetings are indispensable for:

  • Keeping team members up-to-date on any changes or modifications in the workplace
  • Providing a forum where staff can exchange ideas and make decisions
  • Offering opportunity for leaders and colleagues […]

Relocating? 4 Guidelines for Performing a Long-Distance Job Search

As we know, technology (notably, the Internet) has made job seeking considerably easier in recent times. The term, “pounding the pavement” has become all but obsolete; and while face-to-face networking is still recommended in […]

The Employee-Friendly Way To Actively Motivate Your Work Staff

There are seemingly countless varying and even contradicting methods and theories on how to achieve a solid and consistent state of employee motivation in the workplace. The real question we’re concerned with, however, goes beyond […]

8 Ways to Determine a Company’s Culture During Your Job Interview

What is company culture?

The shared values, beliefs, and practices of an organization’s employees and leaders are the components of a company’s culture. These beliefs and practices determine how employees and management treat one other, handle business […]

Ready, Set, Go: How Accelerated Learning Can Drive Your Career

Discovering Accelerated Learning

How do we respond to another “new thing” which is promised to save the company money, give us back hours of time, and transform employees into productivity-driven machines? Is this even worth considering?

Apparently […]

Qualities Shared By Successful Teams According to Google™

For those unfamiliar, Project Aristotle was a recent research initiative launched by Google with the purpose of understanding why certain working groups flourish and others do not quite make the grade.

Leading the endeavor, was Google’s Director of […]