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What Business Leaders Can Learn From One Another

C-Level executives and managers regularly seek knowledge through advanced experience and higher education, yet there is one method that is often overlooked.  Business leaders actually have a great deal to offer one another in terms of expertise and awareness.

Business Leaders Collaboration - 3 business professionals

Overcoming Preconceptions

It’s common for business leaders to have preconceived notions of what drives their peers in other departments or industries; however, they are likely to have more in common than either may initially presume.

Learned, yet distinct, differences in skills, methods, and even professional vocabulary can create a deceptive separation among leaders, possibly inhibiting useful opportunities to share and trade ideas, goals, perspectives, or the chance for a profitable collaboration.  Yet, it is in spite of – and because of – the differences that top leaders must be open to the occasion to learn from one another.

Shared Objectives

Regardless of their sector, all business leaders seek innovation, profitability, customer loyalty, and overall growth for their organization.  It is these universal factors and goals that business leaders should not only agree upon, but utilize as a common platform to inspire one another in devising new ideas and breakthroughs.

Embracing the Differences

Leaders in the finance industry are often thought to be strictly numbers-oriented, while those in marketing are considered creative thinkers.  HR leaders may lean toward training objectives and development, while sales directors thrive on quota and competition.  Is this to say these particular leaders don’t hold other, or even overlapping, characteristics or professional qualities and objectives?  Definitely not; moreover, it is within these variances that leaders can learn balance within their own individual roles.  For example, the quintessential number-absorbed financial leader who collaborates with a marketing director may tap into more innovative and strategic ways of leading and planning; as the marketer balances his or her creativity with proactive advertising budgets to effectively reach greater masses and demographics.

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It is an established understanding that all facets of business leadership must coincide to create an effective outcome.  Looking beyond the “bubble” of your own niche is crucial to your growth as a leader; and collaboration is vital.  Listening to, respecting, understanding, and in many cases, applying what you learn from other leaders – some of whom you may perceive as your polar opposite – will actually help you advance within your own thinking, fortitude, and potential for success.


Fred Coon, CEO 

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