Video Testimonials

Stop Your Endless Job Hunt and Move to Top-Level Executive Roles

The results we achieve SC&C clients speak for themselves… literally!

Listen and watch as Stewart, Cooper & Coon clients share their successes and honest feedback. Did we deliver on our promise of mentoring executive-level career seekers into their next meaningful, sustaining and financially rewarding, long-lasting position?

Watch Below and Discover for Yourself!

Mark Speicher

Sr. Global Finance - Technology

(His SCC Experience)

"Carol’s coaching was fantastic…branding… crushed 100 lbs. source material into 1-lb.diamond.”"

William Krooss



"Feeling lost, didn’t know what to prioritize, it’s been incredible.”

Todd Concinne

Operations Manager


"SC&C helped me what I was looking for…wonderful experience!”

Tim Waldron

Chief Growth Officer

Business Management

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without SC&C.”

Chris Meyer

Sr. VP Global Marketing

Consumer Products (Blind Spots)

"Kirk is amazing…he’s shown me my blind spots.”

Suresh Joshi

Sr. Dir. Software


"Super helpful…you need a search partner…my SC&C branding was superb…”

Terri Hickey

Dir. Engineering

Risk Management

"Had another firm do my resume…SC&C then produced on that was powerful and my brand was crystal clear...”

Rik Zessar

Exec. Producer


"My resume, LinkedIn, and branding materials were improved 1,000%...”

Robin Smith


Business Strategy

"No success in public job market…helped me understand my competencies and my strengths…my brand was astounding...”

Richard (Aaron) Chamberlain

Sr. Executive

Global Safety

"The SC&C entire team was fantastic…helped me land my job...”

Paul Keeler



"If you are looking to make yourself more viable to employers, the services of SC&C cannot be beat… coaching gets you prepared!...”

Bob Duffy

Sr. HR Executive

Fortune 500 Company

"Resources are outstanding…team is second to none…made my transition so much easier...”

Lionel Cave

Principal Strategist


"SC&C have it all together…they really help you through difficult times...”

Frank Eaves

Finance & Operations Executive


"The process from start to finish has been exceptional…the branding was spectacular...”