Video Testimonials

Stop Your Endless Job Hunt and Move to Top-Level Executive Roles

The results we achieve SC&C clients speak for themselves… literally!

Listen and watch as Stewart, Cooper & Coon clients share their successes and honest feedback. Did we deliver on our promise of mentoring executive-level career seekers into their next meaningful, sustaining and financially rewarding, long-lasting position?

Watch Below and Discover for Yourself!

Belinda Tucker

COO - Banking


"Belinda was working as a bank executive where she managed several operational departments to include Loan Operations.”"

William Krooss



"Feeling lost, didn’t know what to prioritize, it’s been incredible.”

Todd Concinne

Operations Manager


"SC&C helped me what I was looking for…wonderful experience!”

Tim Waldron

Chief Growth Officer

Business Management

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without SC&C.”

Chris Meyer

Sr. VP Global Marketing

Consumer Products (Blind Spots)

"Kirk is amazing…he’s shown me my blind spots.”

Suresh Joshi

Sr. Dir. Software


"Super helpful…you need a search partner…my SC&C branding was superb…”

Terri Hickey

Dir. Engineering

Risk Management

"Had another firm do my resume…SC&C then produced on that was powerful and my brand was crystal clear...”

Rik Zessar

Exec. Producer


"My resume, LinkedIn, and branding materials were improved 1,000%...”

Robin Smith


Business Strategy

"No success in public job market…helped me understand my competencies and my strengths…my brand was astounding...”

Richard (Aaron) Chamberlain

Sr. Executive

Global Safety

"The SC&C entire team was fantastic…helped me land my job...”

Paul Keeler



"If you are looking to make yourself more viable to employers, the services of SC&C cannot be beat… coaching gets you prepared!...”

Kevin Fallon

Managing Director, North America

Container Shipping/ Transportation



Bob Duffy

Sr. HR Executive

Fortune 500 Company

"Resources are outstanding…team is second to none…made my transition so much easier...”

Eric Speicher

Sr. Global Finance - Technology

(His SCC Experience)

"Carol’s coaching was fantastic…branding… crushed 100 lbs. source material into 1-lb.diamond.”"

Frank Eaves

Finance & Operations Executive


"The process from start to finish has been exceptional…the branding was spectacular...”