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U.H. – $170K + 24 vacation days + 10% 403b match + full health/dental

UH came to us after an assignment with the largest software company in the United States, as the company’s Chief of Staff. He then went on an excursion into a startup building the operations side of that business. Due to capital limitations, however, it was not a sustainable relationship. He sought out assistance, found us, and engaged in the program where we reconstructed his value added brand  to allow him to  identify the areas he wanted to pursue, having done just about everything.

His campaign was a journey that required patience, persistence and a positive mindset. He and I frequently communicated to ensure his direction was clear and the message appropriate. We also discussed broadening his search to other industries of interest. He was particularly interested in higher education.

Through exploring the “possibilities” in various spaces and tracking activities at local universities he identified a posting for a Senior Director of Finance and Administration with a major American university.

Despite having no direct experience in education, he developed an approach that reinforced his leadership and business acumen from his time with companies such as his former company, a U.S. giant. This attracted the attention of the recruiter, leading to a phone screen and interviews that I helped him prepare for. The offer was extended and discussions on compensation, nature of the position, long-term objectives and other elements cemented his desire to accept the position.  He is fortunate to have the ability to ride his bike to work, as well!

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