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Todd C. – A Two Level Advance in a Fortune 100 Company

A note from Barbara Limmer, Todd’s coach at SC&C – “Todd was told his position was ending at XXXX.  He also expressed that he wanted to have more than a one-industry focus.  As we worked together to set a new course for his career direction, he was suddenly called from an internal executive at XXXX and was asked if he would like to interview for a senior position to run their data centers.  Within two weeks he was offered and accepted the position!  This new move advances him two levels up within XXXX.  He is now an Executive Director.  He completely bypassed one level, Managing Director, and continues his rise in the company.

His new role puts him into XXXX’s executive bonus plan which is very lucrative. He is also now distanced from single industry focus to an expanded role covering multiple industries.  His new location is one of the places he and his family most wanted to move to, so he is thrilled!

When asked as to what does he attributes his success that he takes from the SCC program, he said “the whole process.”  Even though I really didn’t have to interview “hard” for this job and the position seemingly came out of nowhere, I really didn’t know anything about looking for a job, had never done it before and, for those reasons, felt that my skills must be improved, in order for me to be competitive.”

Thank you to all who contributed to his campaign: Mike Fox and Leslie Noyes for your packaging and Shanti Brown for your marketing efforts.  He is definitely a fan of SC&C! Barbara

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