The ViewPoint©

Be seen by our network of millions of executives and decision-makers worldwide.

As an SC&C client, you’ll be presented to millions of executives and decision makers through The US At Work, an independent third-party online network. You’ll be interviewed as a guest on The ViewPoint© by Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, who is a nationally recognized job and career transition expert and multi-book author. The ViewPoint© network spans millions of corporate executives and organizational leaders world-wide. Your interview with Fred will position you as a high-value expert in your field and your video is supported by an online article.

The ViewPoint© accomplishes two things in your executive job search to support your next executive career move:

  • It exposes you to millions of key decision-makers worldwide.
  • It positions and displays you as an expert on an established media platform.

Throughout your career, you’ve spent most of your time building your expertise, not your network and widely visible credibility.

Now, you can quickly maximize your network potential and market yourself as the high-quality brand employers seek.

Here’s how it works:

When you become an SC&C client, you’ll personally collaborate with Fred Coon, CEO to develop an article that will position you as an expert in your industry or function.

You’ll be interviewed by Fred reiterating the key takeaways from your article.

Your article and video will be simultaneously published online and integrated into your SC&C Career WebFolio©, resume, and social media platforms. Viewership will be in the millions, thereby maximizing your professional exposure, increasing access to top employers, positioning you as an expert and giving you the highest likelihood of quality interviews.

Watch the ViewPoint© Interviews Below

David Mulhausen

Caroline Keros

Chief Marketing Officer

Market Research

David Traub

Operations Executive

Durable Goods

Toyin Longe

Senior Business Development Executive

Gas & Energy

Ashok Palani

Senior Executive


Nicole Word


How well-planned, tightly integrated, market timed, and broadly exposed is your brand strategy?