The Master Interview

The Interview Skills You Didn’t Know You Needed

Does this sound like you?

  • Interviewed and hired hundreds of people in your career
  • Have already interviewed
  • Know how to navigate tough interview questions
  • Feel confident in your years of interviewing experience

No matter how good at interviewing you think you are or how many people you’ve hired, your interview experience will only take you so far in today’s world of AI and video interviewing. Think it’s not that different from the days of in-person? Think again.

Most of our clients conducting an executive job search felt the same way you do until they went through their Master Interview© experience. It gives each executive a rare opportunity to significantly improve functional and behavioral competency interview and negotiation skills. They are senior leaders but unanimously state in their testimonials that no matter how good they thought they were, they improved their interview skills exponentially.

Following your time with our team going through The Master Interview© you’ll receive recorded personal feedback. This enables you to continue to improve your techniques and ace any interview with flying colors.

You’ll also participate in an intense and challenging Behavioral Interview. Companies widely use this type of interview today as a critical screening device their senior leadership relies on to determine if you’re a good fit. The Behavioral Interview is key in making or breaking your interview success and will ensure that you’re fully prepared to eliminate your competition in future interviews.

Find Out What the Master Interview© Experience Is Like

Deepak Tiwari

Managing Director

Digital & Emerging Technology

“…l was interviewing well but missing my EQ…coach feedback was invaluable and made a big difference..."

Teresa Lovelace

Strategic & Operational Effectiveness Leader

Life Sciences

"“…as adult executives we think we know what to look for in an interview…it was much more difficult than I thought…appreciated the exercise..."

Scott Woods

C-Level Marketing & Sales Executive

Import & Distribution

“…The questions I got from Carol were thought provoking…there is no winging it…you must know your background and be able to explain your value…”

Todd While


Financial Services

“…I placed second 5 times… wanted to change that…the process opened my eyes to how to really present not only my functional value but my behavioral skills…”

Paul Keeler



“…I hadn’t interviewed in over 20 years…a real shift in how to approach interviewing…”

Frank Eaves

Corporate Finance & Operations


“…the Master Interview was critical in my getting placed…getting professional feedback is hard to come by and SC&C did that and it made all the difference…”

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