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Steve S. – $22,000 Base Salary Increase + $43K Bonus

My pleasure to announce that Steve has accepted the position of Executive Director – Finance for XXXX. Steve was concerned about needing to land a position, so the timing of this could not have been better! He just made his deadline and should start his new position next week. But, let’s let Steve tell his own story.

“My former boss at YYYY applied for the position originally and got through to the final interview stage. While he was interviewing, it became apparent to him that the job did not fit his requirements. However, he thought it was a good fit for me so he passed on the recruiter details to me. He was also one of the references that I provided.

I went through interviews with 12 different people, not counting the recruiter, in the process of getting the offer. I was able to answer their questions with examples from my share stories and used the 1 minute commercial as my introduction. I spoke with the recruiter who had already had very positive feedback from the head of HR. The meeting with the CFO scheduled for 45 minutes actually lasted 2 hours. I ensured that she was OK for time throughout and it was her request to keep going. Thanks for all the help, I think the updated resume format, web profile and interview coaching certainly helped with the process. Thanks, Steve”

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