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Steve M. – Leveraging SC&C Network Pays Off!

I’m pleased to announce that Steve has accepted the position of Operations Manager for XXXX, a human services organization. His background included the military and in the protective services industry. He was looking for an operation role in the mid-west, having recently moved there from the Eastern United States. He wanted to explore new industries as well.

We spent time defining his transferable skills, core competencies, achievements and success stories, and he came for his Phoenix Experience visit where we did in-depth interview practice. Shortly thereafter, he saw a job posted on LinkedIn™for XXXX company. He saw on LinkedIn™ that Fred Coon, SC&C Chairman, was a 1st level contact. He requested an introduction to this recruiter. The very next day the executive recruiter called Steve, and they had an interesting discussion about the organization and how he can help their operations.

Through a series of discussions, he learned there was a position in the town where he wished to live. He then had a phone interview with the Director of State Programs, and went back to meet the executive team. Seven days later, he received his offer.

He is thrilled at being able to blend his professional career with his personal desire to give back to the community, and he is very excited about this new position and organization. When asked to what he most attributes his success, he says, “it was the interview coaching, especially what I learned during my Phoenix visit, and learning how to use SHARE stories in my interviews. My interviews with XXXX were all about my SHARE stories, and I felt extremely well prepared.


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