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Six Ways Business Leaders Can Make a Great First Impression

There are certain qualities and characteristics that make top business leaders truly stand out in a manner that is both positive and memorable. A great deal of our conclusions about an individual are based upon first meetings and encounters, and considering their responsibilities, it’s crucial that business leaders have mastered the art of making an extraordinary first impression.

Business Leaders First Impressions - professional woman hands folded

According to Brian Tracy, author of the bestseller, The Psychology of Achievement, “Making a great first impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader”.  He continues that the philosophy of communication is where we show we are fair and decent.  It revolves around who you are as a person, and sometimes more monumentally, who you are perceived to be.

True leaders do not use success, influence, or power to impress others.  In fact, that is a sure way to make a negative impact on your associates.  An esteemed leader knows that authenticity and genuine sincerity are the key to making a fantastic first impression.  Here we will discuss the best ways to ensure you are emanating your true, inspiring nature.

1.  Be at ease with yourself.

If you are content within yourself and your practices, you will unaffectedly cast the same feeling to others.  New leaders who are at ease with themselves and their role tend to me more approachable from the very beginning; and approachable employers have greater employee engagement and retention in the long run.

2.  Don’t fear failure.

Taking smart risks is a significant part of starting a business, and running a successful one.  If you’re noticeably on edge and even subconsciously pessimistic about your impending results when meeting with investors and associates for the first time, it will certainly show through, reducing the confidence that others have in you.

3.  Show genuine interest.

If you have acquired a new team of employees, show them from the beginning that you care about what matters to them.  Showing that you’re open-minded and willing to listen to their questions and concerns will build sustainability and loyalty among your work staff from day one.

4.  Know when to lighten up.

Whether meeting new associates, investors, or employees for the first time, it is okay to assess the situation for a moment of appropriately interjected humor.  Often, a lighthearted approach at the right time, can offer a sense of equilibrium in high-stress work situations, and may even make your associates look forward to working alongside you in the future.

Business Leaders First Impressions - professionals shaking hands

5.  Be an engaging greeter.

This may seem ultimately simplistic, but engaging in proper eye contact, an enthusiastic handshake, and generally being pleasant and attentive to the other individual is an obvious, but extremely important part of making a stellar impression.  Never become complacent with the impact you have on others.  Engaging new associates with a warm personality and the possibility for common ground will assure you a great first impression.

6.  Motivate and inspire.

Imagine that everyone you meet should come away from the situation either knowing or understanding something they previously had not.  Without condescendence, use your experience to teach, encourage, and stir enthusiasm.

Fred Coon, CEO


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