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Best-Selling Job Seeker Book– 342 pages – Proven Job Search Tactics
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  1. Job & Career Transition Guide
  2. Background Investigations – What You Must Know
  3. 100+ Key Words & Phrased for Resumes and LinkedIn Profile
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Best-Selling Job Seeker Book– 342 pages – Proven Job Search Tactics

An exercise rich, step-by-step, guide showing the reader how to develop their personal brands, write resumes and cover letters that get interviews, build powerful online presence, research target companies and hiring authorities, ace interviews, and negotiate better salary and benefits. Ready, Aim, Hired, includes many useful exercises that allow job seekers to make effective strategic decisions about their careers. It is currently an accredited course in the University of Pennsylvania system at Lock Haven University. It is also the guide used by Executive Coaches and Career Strategists at Stewart, Cooper & Coon. The printed version is available on Amazon and the PDF version is downloadable on this website.

Reviewer Comments?

“You’ve probably been assaulted by the sea of “pernicious” folklore surrounding career development. Collections of “tips & tricks” seem to be everywhere. Some are misleading, some are out of date, some can destroy your career. This book is the equivalent of hours and hours of careful, tailored guidance from some of America’s leading career coaching experts: Fred Coon and his team. Dr. Conne Reece’s contributions and superlative editing make this not only highly impactful, but easy reading.” Don Orlando: MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC, CJSS, MCD, CVCS – THE MCLEAN GROUP

“I cannot overstate the impact Ready Aim Hired had in preparing me for my next step in my professional career. Ready Aim Hired was the fuel I needed to take my career search to the next level, and it will be a tremendous benefit to those who take advantage of the pearls of wisdom contained in this invaluable resource.” ROBERT C. HAZLETT—A PLACED SC&C CLIENT

 “Your book was THE reference I used for my transition from the military into the civilian job market. Actually, I couldn’t imagine going through the transition without it. It’s easy to use and brilliantly laid out in such a way that parallels the real job search process. The content is extremely understandable, and the book is very practical and not theoretical. The detailed information, sound processes, and proven, techniques in your book apply to anyone who is transitioning from the military. It’s a must read and should be the #1 reference, the top of anyone’s transitioning list, military or civilian.”  CRAIG “BLUTO” BAKER—USAF BRIG. GEN. (RET)

PLACED CLIENT RESULTS: Bruce M. – $200K + 2K shares + $25K bonus + $10K signing bonus | Mack G. – Military to private sector – $160,000 base + great package |  Dan R. – Mid-50’s – no relocation – ideal job – $165K base – search time 2.5 months |  Curt R. – Moving up In career path – $250,000 + 100% commission |  Rod N. – Age 60 – no relocation required |   Mike S. – Search time 17 days – $240,000 annual income – 45% salary increase |  Steve C. – Contract to perm – $200K first year – 2-month search time |  Rich G. – No experience in new industry – $150K base – 3-month search |  Kelly K. – $200K base – multiple offers – $43K bonus – home purchase |  Michael K. – Expat relocation – $20K relocation – $150K base salary, and 5,000 more!

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