To be successful, an executive job search must be well planned, well organized, and well executed. Much like any business process, there are many pieces to this puzzle, and it all begins with having the right resources in place and the right advice on how to use them effectively. At Stewart, Cooper & Coon you will be led through a highly organized process, which is custom-designed and tailored to meet your specific career needs. You will be led through a process that has been used successfully by thousands of executives.

SC&C Resources Available

Databases & Resources  
We have modern, up to date databases and search resources. We have daily access to more than 4,000,000 active job openings, the "right" recruiters, aggregated job boards, posting and distribution boards, our private recruiting network, the hidden job market, the exclusive SC&C Job Search Briefcase©, and our overseas affiliate recruiters. We can shorten your search time by having all the resources in one easy to find place that only our clients can access.

Your Own Personal Search Team

Your success begins with the right team on your side. You will have an experienced campaign team working for you to make sure that your job search is a monumental success. Whether it is coaching, branding, packaging, personal marketing, training, introductions, or research, all your team members are focused on your success. Before you leave our site, we encourage you to watch the client videos and listen to the client interviews to see and hear for yourself.


A Thorough Review of Your Career

Whether it is your intention to launch a job search or a new career, it is important to understand where you are and how you arrived there. These factors will be integrated into the brand and strategy you use for marketing yourself. Our team of career experts will bridge a transition from your past worth to your future value, and make it come alive for any hiring authority.


We Help You Develop Your Brand

You must demonstrate value to anyone who wishes to hire you. You must also be able to compete with others who possess similar skills and accomplishments. What makes you different? That is what branding is all about. If you have not branded yourself properly, then you will likely lose to someone who has. Our team of experts will brand you effectively and make sure that your value is perceived as the only selection a company can make to take them in the right direction.


We Package You For Value and Acceptance

Don't put the rest of your career in the hands of a poorly written resume and the hope that your career will be bolstered by this method. In this day and age, it takes much, much more. At Stewart, Cooper & Coon, we provide you with a package of career tools, which will not only keep you competitive in the job market, but make you the winner as well. We cannot emphasize enough how critical excellent packaging is to both your short- and long-term career success.


Superior Guidance & Advice

Because we have worked with thousands of executives in nearly every function, industry, and career level, we can share our experiences with you to make sure you are able to eliminate your competition and move on to the next step in your career. We hear repeatedly from our clients that what they learn from us is crucial in their decisions about making the right career moves. We can do the same for you too.


Salary & Negotiation Expertise  “No Money Left On The Table”

Many job seekers go to an interview mostly to answer questions and never consider the tactics required to eliminate their competition. More importantly, they do not know how to create and demonstrate “added value” which puts them in a better place during the interview and negotiation process. As a result, they leave money on the table that absolutely should be in their pocket. At Stewart, Cooper & Coon, we will coach you on the best practices of salary and negotiation tactics and on what has been successful for countless executives we serve now and have served in the past. Through testimonials, you will hear from previous executives about how our methods both boosted their careers and put money in their pockets. As our client, you can experience that same success.


A Personal Long-Term Safety Net

No matter how much you plan ahead, sometimes unforeseen events such as mergers, acquisitions, or new strategic initiatives do happen. As an SC&C client, you will no longer be on your own. You will have continual access to our resources and databases, your Campaign Director, the wide variety of job boards, and our executive recruiting partners. Working with us, you will have "your" team behind you every step of the way.

             Affiliate Support & Resources


Linked-In – Our online webinars, our in-house LinkedIn expert, the books and materials we provide to each client lead to one thing – an improved LI profile. Why is this important? 95% of recruiters in America use LinkedIn to find candidates to fill openings. We make sure that our clients’ profiles are the best they can be and that they can be “found” by both recruiters and companies.

You will attend our 24-7 accessible webinars on all aspects of LinkedIn. These will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to improve your LinkedIn profile. We provide an in-house LinkedIn expert to answer any questions you have about your LinkedIn profile.

Top Echelon – We are preferred members of TE, thereby providing us access to over a thousand executive recruiters and thousands of jobs to which you will not have access because the listings are for private recruiter members only. You will have access to all of these jobs.
Your resume is shared with our peers, so your exposure is maximized. You can try to get through to these recruiters on your own, or you can let us. Why? They are our colleagues by signed agreement. We talk, you win!

Avention - An outstanding database used by your Campaign Directors and Research Department to develop lists of appropriate companies to target in your campaign. This is one of the largest private databases available.

Bounty Jobs - Our recruiters use this as a sharing tool with their peers to present you and to look for jobs that fit your profile.

Simply Hired - We aggregate this in one place for you, so that you do not have to spend valuable time searching the Internet for resources.

Twitter - The latest tracking and communication tool on the web, and we show our clients how to evaluate its use for their campaign and provide the "rules" for success in using this medium.

Profiling Pro - If you want to change careers or to better understand and leverage your management style, we use this highly professional testing service to provide the base from which we begin our work with you.

Career Master's Institute - One of the most prestigious professional organizations in the country for credentialing coaches and writers and for sharing best practices. You will receive the best practices from us because of our participation in such groups and organizations.

AZ Technology Council - The AZ Tech Council is comprised of business leaders and educators focused on high-tech, biotech, and green energy development. The AZ Tech Council is also affiliated with other similar groups nationwide. Our association here helps you no matter where you are seeking employment.

Ready, Aim, Hired - You will receive the latest version of this powerful book, now in its second edition and fourth printing. It is nationally recognized as one of the most practical and best career search books ever written.

SCC Blog - Your access to the blog is free and it will bring you up to speed on the latest trends in the economy and search arena as they happen on a weekly basis.

NRWA - Our membership in The National Resume Writers Association is important to you as a candidate. We make sure that we are using the very latest branding and packaging techniques to present you as a product.

Execu-Net – As a recruiting member, we have access to other recruiters throughout the U.S. This organization brings together executives from every field, allows true peer networking to take place, and is one tactic that is helpful in the executive search process.

CDI - We were one of the founding members of this prestigious national coaching and writing organization. We are in contact almost daily with our peers in this group working on better ways to present our clients. CDI is an invaluable indirect resource for you as our client.