The standard executive interview goes something like this: enter, greeting, polite niceties, a series of questions asked, answers given, and then, more often than not, it ends with “we will let you know”. Then, you go home and wait. Sometimes you hear from them and many times, you don’t. If you are one of the lucky ones, you are invited back for a second interview and the even luckier ones for a third. Most people are eliminated.

It does not have to be this way for you. We will show you how to subtly control interviews in order to advance the sale of your product, you, to the point of being offered the position. There are tactics for controlling interviews, which range from proper phone use, managing video interviews, face-to-face interviews to group interviews, while properly presenting your behavioral competencies to win offers. Your Campaign Director has years of experience in the interview process and will coach you through each one until you are ready to win.

Interview Skill Review

One of the things we hear from most executives is that throughout their careers, they were the ones who did the interviews and the hiring. When they finish the Phoenix Experience portion of our process, universally they tell us it was a humbling and enlightening experience. From the onset, we evaluate the interviewing skill level for each client. We do this to make sure that when their interviews come, they are prepared to eliminate their competition and be called back for more interviews.


Managing Objections

There are so many ways to foul up an interview. Money questions are where most executives falter. Other objections take on a singularly ominous tone because the executive being interviewed doesn't realize what is really being asked. Many times, you may think that you are providing answers that seem right, but because they are wrong, you may be totally eliminated from further interviews and never know why. At SC&C, you will be shown how to field both obvious and subtle objections while managing the interview process.


Behavioral Competencies


Conventional interviews help organizations choose that right candidate only 19% of the time, while behavior-based interviews yield a 75% success rate. Few actually know how to describe what a behavioral interview is or how they would manage their way through one. Knowing how to do this and how to communicate your EQ will ultimately determine if you will receive multiple interviews and directly affects the number of offers you receive. Most hiring managers rely on their instincts when selecting a candidate and generally, elimination comes quickly. By using the behavior-based interviewing techniques provided by SC&C, we ensure that you will eliminate your competition.


Your "Story"


Most people can share with you how they did something. Some can properly integrate their accomplishments into the story. Few, however, know to describe the extent of the problem or the causative behavioral competency that enabled them to solve it. If you cannot succinctly state your case with vivid stories that describe how you can solve a company's problems and fulfill its needs by presenting real value, you will not be hired. We work with our clients to make absolutely sure they can communicate their value in such a way that the listener decides their value is the only one worth accepting. The stories you tell not only propel the interview to success but also impact the income you can expect.


Closing The Interview

You will be coached in the latest closing techniques and tactics that are proven to work. There are numerous audio and video testimonials on our website that attest to this. The question is, wouldn’t you prefer to know how to turn interviews into offers, instead of hearing the dreaded “we will let you know?”



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