Beginning the Process

Our Search Accelerator© program is highly individualized, organized, systematic, and project-oriented.

In your career, you are who you are today as a result of a series of circumstances, events, and opportunities, as well as your personal successes and failures.

Your next move will require you to have a thorough and complete understanding of your career history in order to properly present yourself.

Using SC&C’s Search Accelerator©, you will discover what you really have to offer to your next employer. Knowing your added value is the basis for developing your unique “brand”, as well as properly positioning and targeting yourself.

SC&C Search Accelerator© Team Assignment

We will hand-pick a team of professionals for your campaign; each of whom is an experienced specialist. They have worked with hundreds of executives from all industries, job functions, salary levels, and geographies. They assist in the design of your search to ensure the right moves are made, as well as manage the logistics of the hunt. Here is your team:


Your SC&C Campaign Director

Your SC&C Campaign Director will be your project manager, advisor, and coach. The responsibility of the Campaign Director is to run your search and oversee all the work of your team. This ensures you will have an efficient and effective search. Each SC&C Campaign Director has successfully guided hundreds of executives through this process. A few of their recent successes may be viewed on our SC&C website under the heading "Latest Placements".


Your Brand Is Your Most Important Asset

SC&C will provide you an integrated brand, both on paper and online. Resume - A resume has only one purpose – to generate interest in you as a candidate. Resume writing is an art and your resume is the first impression a company has of you. SC&C clients have their resume written by one of our Nationally Certified Resume Writers. Our writers focus on presenting your “sizzle” and making your value-add proposition perfectly clear to each reader. This is the first component of your brand. Great resumes secure great interviews.

Proofing - How many times have you received a resume with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and other typos? What was your impression of the sender? Not much, I’m sure. Your resume will be proofed by an SC&C professional to ensure your resume is error-free and presents you in the best possible light.


SC&C Webfolio©


The SC&C Webfolio© is a proprietary Stewart, Cooper & Coon invention. It has been stated by our clients that this online tool is the most powerful, innovative, and highly effective presentation of their skills, competencies and added value they have ever seen. It is the basis for establishing value during strategic negotiations. When this tool is coupled with your custom designed resume and cover letter, your candidacy will surpass that of your competitors in the eyes of the decision makers. This one tool presents all the distinguishing features of your career in a state-of-the-art and compelling fashion. We will take your accomplishments and create a compelling story to drive interviews and assist you in positioning yourself during your salary and package negotiations. See Webfolio© examples on our website.


Your SC&C Research Specialist

You may be dressed to the nines but you might not be sure of where to go. You can have the best branding package in the world but if you don’t have carefully selected target companies to contact and interview with, you have very little. Finding the right target companies and knowing how to access decision makers at those companies is the next important step in your search process.

Your SC&C research specialist will assist your Campaign Director in identifying and providing critical information on companies you wish to target. Research is a complex proposition these days. It requires access to specialized databases which are usually beyond the reach of the average job seeker. SC&C has invaluable resources and the wealth of data they contain is provided to each of our clients.


Your Candidate Marketing Specialist


You will have your own Candidate Marketing Specialist who is assigned to your job search, Simply put; their role is to professionally introduce you to target companies you wish to work for. Getting past the gatekeepers and in front of the hiring authority is one of the most difficult parts of a job search. A truly unique part of the SC&C candidate marketing program is that you will have someone who is experienced at marketing you who will introduce you to selected decision makers in companies you are targeting. More than 80% of all jobs are acquired through third-party introductions.



Client Process