The perceived value you present to your new company implies a promise that you will bring something to the table that will significantly contribute to their organization. You must prove that your unique brand contributes more than the competition and your cost to the company can be paid for in multiples of your financial package. Your ability to communicate your value-add brand, both verbally and in writing, is critical to your success. As you are placed side-by-side with other candidates, every hiring authority must conclude that you are the only one who can bring this unique set of skills to their company.

Core Competencies

Core competencies allow you to succeed across many functional areas within an organization; they also bring added value to your salary negotiations. SC&C makes sure that you can substantiate both verbally and in writing that you can integrate complex streams of technology and work activity to solve problems.


Value Proposition

Companies hire you because they believe you will bring value to their organization. Your value is comprised of the methods by which you increase profit, increase sales, reduce costs, mitigate losses, and manage projects and events. Equally important are your abilities to inspire people, lead, organize and achieve what others have not. If the hiring authority can clearly see what your value will be to the company, you will stand out from the competition.


Transferable Skills

Many of our clients change industries or careers. Even more clients change function or focus. Each client has transferable skills that, when packaged properly, make this transition possible. Your transferable skills allow you to compete in new functions or fields or industries. Highlighting your transferable skills will allow you to compete in these arenas even though your background is centered elsewhere. As you integrate your core values with transferable skills, you will demonstrate the "edge" that enables you to compete fully and without reservation.



Everyone has accomplishments. Stating them succinctly and with clarity will be your keys to success. Although accomplishments are not the most important aspect of your brand, they are the quantifiable portion of your success story. We will teach you our unique and time-tested process for integrating these into your interviews, as well as how to use these to annotate your negotiation process to secure generous offers.


Behavioral Competencies - EQ

Emotional quotient, EQ, is far more important than IQ, and yet many executives do not understand how to communicate their EQ. Specifically, EQ includes executive intelligence, emotional intelligence, collaborative skills, approachability, and 100 other major behaviors used every day. Most executives might use 20 of these during the course of a project. The 21st Century interview now demands that any executive hired can clearly demonstrate their EQ, as well as document it with examples. SC&C has pioneered work in this area and makes absolutely sure our clients know their EQ and how they can integrate these behavioral competencies into their interview and negotiation tactics.