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SC&C Job Listings

Listed below are a few sample job postings we have as a company. If you do not see your function or practice area, it does not mean that we do not have open positions in these areas.

Job Listings

For a variety of reasons, publically available executive job lists seldom include some of the best available positions. Even carefully researched lead lists are constantly changing and being updated. Today’s executive search market is extremely competitive and fast paced. This is one reason why it is important for serious executive candidates to work closely with an executive search specialist like SC&C.

SC&C Resume Database

If you are in a leadership position and want to explore your options, go to the blue box at the top right of this page, follow the instructions and upload your resume and we will enter your resume into our executive database.

We will then review your resume for compatibility with open search assignments. If we determine that you are the perfect match for an open position, we will contact you.

Sample Listings

In the meantime, to get a sense of what types of positions are available and the types of qualifications that are needed for an executive level position, take some time to search our sample job listings. Within these listings, you will find company information, the type of opening and the required qualifications. Don’t be surprised if you find there are more opportunities than you previously imagined. There is always a demand for top talent.

Career Priority List

In addition, while looking at the open positions keep an open mind about relocation. Where is relocation on your career priority list? Do you even have a career priority list or a career plan? Very often, the perfect position may not be in your current city. This does not necessarily mean that you will need to relocate in order to land your dream job.

Many times, there may be a similar position nearby but within a different industry. Again, this is why it is important to work with an executive search specialist like SC&C. Our recruiters help our clients clarify their priorities and then we help them find executive positions that meet their goals. It’s a simple concept with life-changing potential.

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