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Sarah B. – $300K Base – Three Bonus Plans – $300K Stock – Work From Home

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer, Executive PlacementSarah’s SC&C Campaign Director. “Sarah is a delightful client who just called me to relate her story. She has accepted a fabulous position for XXXX.  Sarah came to us as an experienced VP of Retail/Stores for companies that were leaders in their category. She came across as highly confident, even though her last employment situation ended due to sensitive political issues. Deep down she knew she needed guidance and support in how to best sell herself in interviews and how to answer difficult interview questions.

She also wanted to stay in her current state, but she also realized that the level she was targeting would likely require her to work at a company’s headquarters location. She worked quickly through our program, and then the interviews began.

When she went to the company headquarters for the her interview, she saw eight other candidates who were vying for the same position. After the interview, she told me that she thought she had done well. However, within a couple of days, she was told that the company was not moving forward with any of the candidates, including her, because they wanted someone with deep experience in both product and store operations.

Thinking “What do I have to lose?”, she wrote to them and shared her ideas on why this wouldn’t be a strategically good move for the company, because those two positions require two totally different backgrounds and specialties.

Within a week, they reversed their position and offered her the job; her explanation resonated with them so much that they did end up splitting off the product position from the operations position. Her new title is General Manager for the Americas where she will oversee operations of existing stores as well as open 100 new stores each year, in both North and South America.

She is thrilled, and is relieved she will get to focus on operations, which she dearly loves.  They will also allow her to work out of one of their company offices which is located 10 miles from her current home. Another goal was also met – no relocation! Instead, she will travel to the corporate offices one week monthly.

When asked what she most attributes her success to, she said it was the whole SCC process–she learned so much about herself, and our program allowed her to zero in on her specific skill sets as well as what makes her happy.  It gave her a “grounding” (her word) that she didn’t previously have. This quote from her email sums it up nicely: I want to thank you for all you have done for me. You’re the best coach anyone could have asked for and I feel so lucky to have gone through this with you. I will be forever grateful for all that I learned from you and SC&C.”

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