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Ron G. – $300K and $25k bonus 2-Mo. Search

Ron came to us from our Connecticut Office. He had excellent credentials including an MBA from a top school, as well as very impressive quantitative achievements, but he knew nothing about behavioral interviewing. He is a very straight-shooter and direct communicator, and in hindsight he thought he may have gotten taken out of the running in previous interviews without even realizing why.

After completing his resume and SC&C WebFolio©, we spent a great deal of time on interview preparation and practice, culminating in his office visit which included one-on-one time with our senior behavioral interviewer as well as time spent on negotiation strategies and tactics.
Ron was very active in his networking and revised his LinkedIn™ profile based on our recommendations, and received several interviews from some of the top search firms. His first interview with XXXX was successfully navigated and, even though they asked several times, he maneuvered his way out of answering “the compensation question” so that he could truly show his value throughout the interview process. He had two panel and multiple individual interviews over a two-month period. After meeting with his soon-to-be direct reports, he received the offer that same day.

Thank you to Glenn Appleyard and Chuck McConnell for bringing him on board, to Mike Fox for producing all three of his documents, to Shanti Brown for your diligent calling campaign efforts, to Ron Venckus for your enlightening behavioral interview with Ron in Phoenix, and to Fred Coon for your insights also during his visit. When asked what aspects of the SC&C program does he most attribute this success to, he answered both the education and practice on behavioral interviewing and on salary negotiation.

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