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Rob J. – $175K Base – $45K Salary Increase + 30% Bonus + 2% Equity

Rob has joined XXXX working in human genome testing. His base salary is $175,000 annually with a 30% bonus. His previous highest salary was $130K with no bonus. After six 6 months he will receive a 2% share of equity stock in the company and, if things go well, within 3 years he may possibly retire, if he choose to do so. The company will move his wife and children from their present location to the corporate headquarters location. His wife is busy staging their home right now for sale.  Meanwhile XXXX is housing Rob in a two-bedroom apartment and providing him $10K for expenses before he gets his family moved.

He absolutely loves what he does and calls it his “dream job.”  He says he couldn’t have scoped out a better job if he had been able to write his own ticket. Rob had no experience in life sciences- it’s the “rest of the story” that you will all enjoy

Rob had been in the mix for a positon  at YYYY where he got in the running late in the search process and the company told him they already had a candidate but wanted him to wait in the wings just in case. He also had been interviewing with ZZZZ but they were dragging their feet making any decisions.  He was becoming anxious about getting a job and was all but ready to take most any job to get back in the working world.

He viewed a posting on LinkedIn for a VP of Ops and he decided to toss in a resume for the position.  Prior to this, we had worked on researching the company to see who he could get closest to in the organization, rather than just blindly submitting a resume. He saw when he searched LinkedIn that the President of the company had also been an Officer in the same military command as Rob. He added that to his resume before submission.

He received a phone call 20 minutes later from the President himself and after chatting about some mutual friends they knew in Viet Nam the whirlwind of interviews began.  He then flew to XXXX for the interviews and within two weeks he accepted their offer.

Since then he has heard from YYYY that the first candidate fell out and they offered him the job but he told me they couldn’t “pry him away” from his new position with XXXX.

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