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Rick K – Govt To Pvt Sector Transition – $65K More Than Original Offer

Rick came to SC&C to help himself transition out of a very senior SES position in the Federal Government, where he had been promoted multiple times over his a 20+ year career. He became eligible for retirement with full pension and decided to use his remaining career life to get into the commercial sector, even though he was being pursued by his agency for various important executive roles. The President of the United States offered him a position as head of one Federal Agency, however, Rick declined it. Although he enjoyed his work, he felt it beneficial to enter the private sector while he still had an age advantage.

Based on discussions with his Campaign Director, the logical shift would be to a role as Director of Security for a major corporation, a position many of his peers had done very successfully. In addition to developing his brand, Rick was very eager to tap into the many connections he had developed over the years and see what the marketplace had to offer him. He had completed a considerable amount of outreach work and public speaking on areas of insider threats that brought him visibility to people inside and outside the beltway.

While Rick was preparing to roll out his campaign he learned of an opportunity with XXXX for Chief of one of their major divisions. This came as a referral from a former Federal Agency associate who knew of Rick’s background and interest in the private sector. Rick had a decided advantage as the position had not yet been posted. Upon posting, Rick was immediately in the application process. The position’s responsibility included starting up this new division for the organization which really appealed to Rick.

While continuing to pursue numerous conversations, Rick and his CD worked through every stage of the interview preparation process and review of the conversations after the fact. From these reviews, Rick was able to get the guidance necessary to know how best to handle the opportunity, set the stage for an offer, and “close the deal.”

The initial offer was not as attractive as Rick would have liked, so while working with his CD they developed a strategy for pushing back a bit to get the value increased based on the risks involved in the position (new role, higher potential for failure, etc.). After a number of  conversations with the company, Rick was able to get the offer raised from $175K to $240K,with a higher bonus plan than originally extended (to 20-25%) bringing the total package to $300K, well within Rick’s target area. He was also awarded stock options and 2 weeks additional vacation and 10 paid holidays annually. Here is Rick’s note to Bill Temple:  “Hi Bill, The negotiations with XXXX went well, they met all my terms with no compromises. Your coaching and guidance was very instrumental in the interview and negotiation process. Thank you for all your help!” Rick

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