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Meet the SC&C Team

Mark Van Der Walde

markVP, Managing Director,
Retained Executive & Technical Search

Mark brings 25+ years of retained executive search, corporate human resources and talent management services to Stewart, Cooper& Coon. Mark has a proven track record in addressing all of a company’s human capital recruiting needs, these include: single assignment, technical track executive- or director-level positions, multi-position, large-scale recruiting projects for venture capital-backed start-ups, to senior fulfillment for multinational conglomerates. His focus on quality deliverables, coupled with his understanding of key market trends, consistently produces results that positively impact the growth and success of his clients.

Mark began his search career with two of the top ten executive search firms in North America, Richards Consultants, and Spencer Stuart. Mark has worked with both multinational companies and the venture capital community across a diverse range of industries, including Microelectronics- RF/Power Electronics, MEMS/Nanotechnology, Life Sciences Industries, Telecommunications, Industrial Manufacturing and Alternative Energy. Mark is one of the early adopters of (RPO) Recruiting Process Outsourcing & outsourcing of Executive Search & Talent Management/Corporate Recruiting, working with multiple companies at any given time.

His experience spans all functional disciplines and professional levels. Additionally, Mark served as Head of Talent Management including the Executive search function for startup, emerging/established high-growth firms including: Acambis, Alpha Industries, Analog Devices, Comverse Technology, Genzyme Corporation, Knowles Corporation, Microwave Radio Communications, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Signal Technology Corporation, Vectron International, Vesper MEMS, and Vestas Wind Energy.

Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Organizational Development, both from Suffolk University, supported by a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and a majority of course work completed for a Masters in Clinical Social work.

Patricia Siuta-Cruce, Ph.D.

Business Development Director
Retained Executive & Technical Search

Pat was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. She attended Fordham University in Bronx, New York, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. She moved to Baltimore, Maryland and attended Johns Hopkins Medical School where she received her Doctorate in Biochemistry. Pat has been a corporate leader with over 30 years of experience in the consumer products, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

Specifically, she has directed R&D efforts for several multi-national companies like Unilever, Revlon, International Flavors & Fragrances, Balchem Corporation, Del Laboratories, National Starch & Chemical and AkzoNobel. She has been responsible for interfacing with all functions of the organization in the development and execution of both short and long term research plans to meet the needs of the business in alignment with market trends and drivers. In this capacity she has been intimately involved in the recruitment and the career development of numerous scientists from entry level through Research Fellow. She also has a proven track record interfacing with a large number of technology-driven corporations in order to help develop solutions for complex research problems leading to new products and processes.

Pat is passionate about bringing the right person on board into a company. She goes that extra mile to truly understand the values and credentials of such a person so that he/she will become a valuable asset to the organization. Pat is recognized for her experience and breadth of knowledge and has often been sought out by her peers to help fill positions outside her own department.

On a personal note, Pat recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Steve. She is enjoying the sun-filled days of Arizona exercising and taking numerous day trips to explore the area. Golf may even be in her future, which would make her husband happy.

Beach, FL. On a personal note, she tries her hand at small scale farming on 27 acres of historic family land, raising farm fresh chickens for eggs, growing crops, raising sheep, etc. Alicia is a founding member of the nonprofit organization, Grace Ministries, Inc. – with offices in Homewood, AL; Chattanooga, TN; Dunedin, FL, and Selma, AL. She sings, plays violin and has been involved in community service since she was a child. Alicia inspires by serving, helping, leading, and creating.

Ted Sprink

tsprinkVice President, Market Development

Ted’s “bias-for-action” reflects a belief that corporate clients seek delivery of a high quality productand that his primary responsibility is the service of preparing qualified candidates to demonstrate the technical skills and cultural fit that provide the human capital resources required by corporate clients.

Ted’s unique ability is to leverage his Fortune 500 executive skills to prepare and deliver qualified candidates as highly desirable products to the client in a rapid, efficient and cost effective manner.

It is the delivery of qualified candidates, positioned as superior products, that best serve both candidate and client.  

Ted’s philosophy to develop and implement Stewart Cooper & Coon’s proprietary candidate service, designed to deliver a superior client product, is a paradigm shift in the recruiting industry.  This approach focuses on a thorough understanding of the client’s business model, functional requirements, technical-skill needs and corporate culture.

For the candidate, the service of personal coaching, branding, preparation and multi-platform marketing showcases skills in a manner to maximize the positioning of the candidate as a superior product to address the client’s needs.

On a personal basis, Ted’s life revolves around his family, and is grounded in honesty, integrity, pride, respect and empathy. Professionally, Ted’s career success is based on creativity, work ethic, research, strategic planning, problem solving, competitiveness and determination.

As a senior Fortune 500 executive in financial services, capital markets, insurance, real estate and renewable energy markets, Ted has served the nation’s leading banks, hedge funds, private equity, law firms, institutional investors and commercial developers.

Employed by Fidelity National Financial, First American Corporation and HomeFed Corporation, Ted’s executive responsibilities included product development, strategic planning, budgeting, market development, program management, national product launches, recruiting, hiring, training and national staff management.

Fred Coon

Fred Coon Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Fred Coon is Chief Executive Officer of Stewart, Cooper & Coon. He started SC&C as an executive recruiter and grew the company into five divisions. He is quoted in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Money Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Success Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and other major national publications, and appears on affiliate stations of ABC, NBC, and CBS as an expert on the job and employment market. His SC&C Career Advice Blog has over 5,000 monthly subscribers worldwide.

Fred was on the senior team of two different companies, in two different industries, achieving multiple listings in Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing companies in America. One of those companies, Certified Collateral Corporation, was in the top 100 fastest growing companies in the United States. CCC was number 31 on the 1986 Inc. Magazine 100 List and number 54 on the 1987 Inc. Magazine 100 List, as well as first in profitability among all of the listed companies in both years.

He is a Licensed Employment Agent, a Nationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, a Behavioral Consultant and a Certified Disc Administrator. Mr. Coon is a member of the Arizona Technology Council – Policy Advisory Committee, and is a member of Workforce Business Intelligence Board.

He is author of several best-selling career books. His first, Ready Aim Hired, was used as one of the textbooks for the Strategic Career Management course at the Daniels College of Business Graduate School, University of Denver.  He was also the first appointed Virtual Executive Mentor for Graduate and Undergraduate students at Daniels, as well.

His best-selling book, Leveraging LinkedIn For Job Search Success is available on Amazon. The 2014 version of this book has over 32,000 copies in the marketplace. Mr. Coon is a contributing author to the book, Business Model You, by Tim Clark, which is currently printed in seven languages. His latest book, It’s EQ, Not IQ Stupid, is due for release in 2016. This book focuses on hiring the right “fit” for any given job using behavioral interviewing tactics that he and his co-author, Ron Venckus, have spent 10 years researching and perfecting.

He is working on a military transition book specifically directed at anyone leaving the Armed Forces who would like to better understand how to make a personally meaningful and financially rewarding transition. He lectures and conducts hand-on workshops throughout United States for universities, educational, professional, business and management conferences.

On a personal note, he is also a well-known 5-string Appalachian claw-hammer style banjo player with concert performances in Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, and throughout the United States, with media appearances on local, regional, and international radio and television programs, both in the U.S. and overseas, for over five decades.

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