Senior-Level | Technical & Executive Permanent Placement Recruiting

Why Use SC&C As Your Recruiter?

Our Customized Approach

  • Search Roadmap
  • Candidate Identification
  • Candidate Development and Evaluation
  • Candidate Closure & References
  • Post-Search On-Boarding

Resources We Bring To Your Company

  • Unsurpassed Rapid Execution
  • Extensive quality contact databases, Boolean Research, & Resources
  • Quickly Identify & Evaluate Outstanding Talent
  • Flexible & Fair Fee Structure
  • Guarantees Committed To Your Success

Don’t find just any candidate, find the “right” candidate

What We Provide

  • Viable Candidates Within 21 Business Days
  • Seasoned Search Veterans
  • 75+ years of combined national and global business experience in recruitment

Recruiting Specialties & Industries

Engineering | Software | Bio-Medical

Sales & Marketing |Management |    Manufacturing

Aerospace |Electronics | Telecommunications | Specialty Health Services

Quality, Not Quantity

Bring us your toughest recruiting challenges. We look forward to learning about your business and customizing the best solution to meet your specific needs. Our results showcase our belief in quality over quantity to make your recruiting strategy more efficient and productive.