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Ray C. – “I got the revised offer for what I was asking, thanks for all the advice!”

I’m happy to announce that Ray has accepted a position as Director of Research & Development for North America for XXXX, a chemical manufacturer.

Ray came to us from one of the corporations using SC&C as their vendor to manage the placement of their outplaced employees. He had been with his company for less than two years and was one of five people laid off after a restructuring done by his Division General Manager. He wanted his next position to focus on growth via new products and new technologies and he was open to relocation within the northeast. His challenge was in marketing himself and selling himself in interviews.

We worked on defining his core competencies, his behavioral competencies, his achievements and successes in a way that would have maximum impact to potential employers, and we coached him on his answers to common interview questions, as well as situational, behavioral, difficult and negative questions.

Within about six weeks he was actively interviewing with four companies, being invited for on-site interviews with all, including attending a one-day Assessment Center done by Korn Ferry in Manhattan. Of these four companies with whom he interviewed, one job was still being defined and would be delayed, one job was put on hold to be redefined, one he came in 2nd to someone with more closely related industry experience, and this one, the one that he had described as the “best fit position” –was the one in which he received an offer.

He was told by this employer and search firm recruiter that they had interviewed several candidates, but after their face-to-face interview with him, they “knew he was the one.” We worked together on negotiation strategies and tactics, and after implementing our steps, he received everything he asked for. Per his email to me “I got the revised offer at what I was asking for – thanks for all the advice!”   

When asked what he found most helpful of all the SCC services he received, he said it was coaching on the interview process, the key questions to prepare for, and the negotiation tips. 
TITLE: Director of R & D North America
COMP: $150K (up from original offer of $140K), $10K signing bonus, 20% annual bonus, 12-mos of temp housing (up from 6 mos), $30K relo allowance, 4 weeks of vacation

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