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Phil C. – 30% Bonus – 90-Day Search Time – “In Complete Command of Interview”

Here is our client, Phil personally describing his search process“I initially applied for this position before I even engaged SC&C.  I found a position description on Indeed.com and applied, but did not hear back.  A few months later I was immersed in the SC&C program, learning interview skills and how to control the discussion.  A few weeks after the Phoenix Experience, I received a phone call from the hiring manager at XXXX asking for a 30 minute discussion, and an in-person interview.

Bill Temple, my SC&C Campaign Director, prepared me to the Nth degree and I was in complete command of my interview.  I had a full day of meetings, and was able to frame each discussion around the 7 SC&C steps.  The SHARE stories were perhaps the most powerful tool that I used, and helped the hiring manager come to a decision quickly…2 weeks after our first phone call. Bill guided me in negotiating my compensation package and I leveraged a 30% bonus, and great benefits.  My total search time was 3 months after engaging SC&C.” 

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