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SC&C Channel Partners

Become an SC&C Channel Partner and expand the client service offerings you present to your client companies or organizations.  Here are some of the benefits of becoming an SC&C Channel Partner.

 Who Is A Good SC&C Channel Partner?

Companies and/or individuals already supplying ancillary services to their client companies who would like to broaden the scope of services they deliver. Services that are needed but are not a core competency for them now.SC&C channel partner

  • PEO Organizations
  • Private Practitioners
  • HR Outsourcing Firms
  • Career Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Ancillary HR Service Providers
  • Business Outsourcing Firms

Additional Billing & Income Opportunity

Among the programs we offer are an array of Corporate Outplacement and Executive Search program of services. We also deliver Organization Development consulting, if appropriate, for your clients and your own consulting practice. Partnering with SC&C presents significant income and billing opportunity for you.

Easy Accessibility-Service Expansion- Turn-Key Operations

SC&C will enable you to expand the type and scope of services you provide to your clients.  All of our service offerings are turn-key and require no work on your part. All you have to do is present the proposals to your clients and we deliver all service support and management for each product line you present. We also prepare the statement of work and any proposals required, for your presentations.

SC&C will manage each SC&C joint project you contract for, supply all subject matter experts, all invoicing, and project reporting, customer service, and all other aspects involved with administration and management of each project. You present – We deliver!

Client Relationship Management

You will still have the ability to maintain the relationship you have with your current client at the executive level and will also be seen as retaining the leadership role, in  the delivery of services and the management of the project. We are happy to remain in the background and deliver the services.

We offer a generous commission schedule and will be happy to share that with you in our initial discussions together.

How Does This Process Work?

First, you determine your clients’ needs.   Next, you examine the gaps in the services required for a given client engagement.  When you have completed this, then call us to identify the services that you would like us to supply and, depending on the services needed, we will supply you with whatever information or subject matter experts you require to successfully define the scope of a particular project and prepare a proposal. When the proposal is accepted by your client, we will welcome your guidance as we initiate and manage the project.


Collaboration is the motto. Let’s work together to develop the increased revenue stream for you. Work with a partner with over 20-years’ experience delivering superlative service products. Call us and let’s explore a partnership that will increase your billings, expand your earnings, increase your value to your clients and deliver quality services.

Call or write me personally:
Fred Coon, CEO
(480) 245-5904      fcoon@stewartcoopercoon.com

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