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360°, Upward & Peer Assessment/ Feedback

SC&C 360°, SC&C Upward & Peer AssessmentThis 360°, Upward, & Peer Assessment/ Feedback module of Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s consultative resources is most effective when considered with these other available modules:

Organization Development

When managed most effectively, properly collecting, analyzing and debriefing organization and individual feedback serves as a pre-cursor to organization development (OD) and is a critically-important component of your engagement with Stewart, Cooper & Coon. By contrast, simply administering, taking, and summarizing the survey effort to the individuals involved is where most organizations stop, not understanding and thus never fully benefiting from the whole feedback process. Worst yet, involved employees frequently feel dissatisfied because they observe that nothing’s been done historically, or apparently will be done, with the feedback results. They are left to interpret and act on their own without organizational support.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s programs utilize best practices in assessment and feedback by employing comprehensive survey formats including 360°, upward, and peer-to-peer.  Our OD consultants have an inventory of the prevailing instruments used most effectively in business and academia today, and we offer research-based tools and recommendations, the very best for your particular needs based upon your problem areas and organizational dynamics.

In addition, and most importantly, Stewart, Cooper & Coon provides supporting counsel and other resources in the form of documentation, workshops, training, and debriefs on exactly how to understand, plan, and apply feedback toward organizational and individual improvement efforts.

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